Thrice-divorced Kensit 'at the right age' for marriage

Thrice-divorced Kensit 'at the right age' for marriage

Three-times-divorced Patsy Kensit believes she is probably at the right age to marry for the first time in her life.

The actress, has previously tied the knot with three musicians over the years - Dan Donovan, Jim Kerr and Liam Gallagher.

The actress said she was not really ready to wed aged in her early 20s, but was now entering the most confident period of her life.

During an interview with She, out tomorrow, Kensit did not wear her ring given to her by her partner, DJ Jeremy Healy, the magazine said.

Asked about her relationship with Healy, Kensit told She: “All couples experience ’blips’ and Jeremy and I are no exception.

“He bought me a beautiful ring last year and marriage is very much something we were discussing, but it’s not like he dropped down on bended knee – we are taking our time about it – and there are no immediate plans!

“I’m very much in love with him and we are very much together, but I feel that so much of my personal life has been played out on a rather public stage in the last few years that I am desperate to keep this relationship as private as possible.”

She continued: “I’m looking for a lovely home for my family in north London,” before adding: “And yes, it’s a house that we’re all going to live in – Jeremy too.”

Asked how she felt about marriage now with three weddings behind her, Kensit said: “I’m probably at the right age to marry for the first time in my life!

“I think it’s only now that I have the maturity I need to enter into that sort of commitment.

“I wasn’t really ready for marriage at 20, nor at 24.”

Kerr is the father of Kensit’s son James, 15, and Gallagher is her eight-year-old son Lennon’s father.

Kensit said her boys “do need their dads and are lucky that they are present in their lives and love them very much.

“I’ve been divorced from their fathers for many years.

“I feel sad about it, obviously, but the truth is that if it weren’t for the boys, it’s quite likely that I would have no contact with either Jim or Liam.”

Asked if her relationship with her father had affected her relationships, Kensit said: “Definitely. With three divorces under my belt, it’s only natural that I should have thought about it a lot – but I do think I’m beginning to understand myself better.

“My father was away so much, and it seems I chose men who were equally absent - while it was initially hard for me to reconcile myself to the idea of men who were emotionally available, I now know they exist!

“When I was younger, true intimacy with a man was something that scared me, but it doesn’t now.”

Kensit, who said she was turning into a very mellow person, added: “I still like guys with a bit of an edge, but they also have to be happy to go to bed at 9pm, because that’s what I do!”

The actress ruled out having more children, saying she wanted to focus on work.

Kensit said that Joanna Lumley was her role model and she wanted to continue on British television.

Speaking about gaining extra weight due to healthy eating, Kensit said: “there was a lot of jibing in the press and, for some reason, people took enormous pleasure from the fact that I’d gained weight.

“The irony was that despite the weight gain, I was much healthier.”

Asked what reaching the age of 40 meant to her, Kensit said: “I feel that I’m entering the most confident period of my life.

“In my 20s, there were times when I was guilty of trying to be something I wasn’t.

“My 30s were spent focusing on my children, while working desperately hard to get my career back on track.

“Now, I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved.”

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