These guys had the best stories about coming out to their families on First Dates Ireland

The nation joined Ian and Gary on a date this evening, and they were an instant hit.

The pair, who appeared on First Dates Ireland, shared stories with each other about when they each came out to their families.

"It wasn't like I did have to come out," Gary said. "I was very out there, do you know what I mean? I used to be in majorettes so I'd be going around throwing a baton up in the air and doing a bleedin' cartwheel in the middle of the road.

"When I told me ma I was gay I was like 'I think I'm gay?' She was like 'You THINK you're gay? I was like 'I'm gay!'"

Ian said his family and friends didn't realise he was gay before he came out.

"I was so sick of walking on eggshells and talking about girls with me mates. 'She's gorgeous, she's this, she's that.'

"The second I said it, it was like time just slowed down, and everything that I was worried about and everything that was holding me back just disappeared."

The pair agreed there's a huge relief around being open and honest about sexuality.

"Isn't it like having a bleedin' heavy bag on your back and it's just... it's just gone. I'm proud, I'm loud and I'm out there," said Gary.

"I'm completely in love with the fact everybody accepts it," Ian added.

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Although the two hit it off straight away, they chose not to start a relationship. Instead, Ian reunited with his ex, while Gary is "still looking for his dance partner".

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