Sunday’s TV tips

Sunday’s TV tips

Nature Nuts with Julian Clary (UTV, 7pm)

Despite building a career on risque double entendres, Julian Clary is now a children’s author, believe it or not.

And the camp comedian has now turned his attention not only to junior bookworms, but also earthworms, and other creatures in our backyards and beyond.

After visiting a ’Hedgehog Hosprickal’ and meeting an otter fancier (who said he’d given up innuendo?!) last week, in episode two, the host embarks on a trip to the Farne Islands with GP Dr Ben Burville.

Here, notoriously outrageous dresser Julian undergoes a costume change, swapping his showbiz sequins for a decidedly less glamorous wetsuit.

However, it’s worth it to swim with the largest carnivorous mammal in the UK, an experience that certainly gets the star’s seal of approval.

Plus there are trips to Northwich in Cheshire, Herne Bay in Kent, and last but not least, the presenter’s very own home in Kent.

Experimental (Channel 4, 8pm)

Thank goodness for Tim Shaw and Buddy Munro – they risk life and limb to prove or explode various myths and illusions so we don’t have to.

The final episode of their eye-opening series sees them experiment with water skiing behind a ferry, which is no easy task thanks to the vessel’s dangerously large wake.

They also meet the star of an internet video who filmed himself holding onto a high pressure hose, then travel to Munich, where the duo explore the game Racing the Tube, which involves getting off a train, and then trying to beat it to its next stop.

The Gleneagle (RTE One, 8.30pm)

From ballet to bingo, country to comedy and snooker to sean nós there’s always something happening in the hotel.  It’s like a cruise ship on land – a party that never sleeps.

Love is in the air as it’s Valentine’s Day, and the Gleneagle is awash with red roses and weekending couples.

John the chef is pulling out the stops to create the ultimate romantic dinner. Also arriving is a huge number of novice dancing enthusiasts, competing for charity in Killarney’s answer to Strictly Come Dancing.

Atomic: Living in Dread and Promise: Storyville (BBC4, 9pm)

Sunday’s TV tips

It’s 70 years since the US dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Various documentaries marking the grim anniversary have been broadcast on many channels in recent weeks, but this is perhaps the most interesting of the lot.

It was put together using only archive footage, and its aim to reveal how the world was changed by the event.

Among the sections to look out for are those focusing on the positive and negative aspects of the atomic marches, which include the Cold War, the Chernobyl and Fukishima disasters, and advances in medical science.

Odyssey (BBC2, 9pm)

Odelle and Aslam leave the safe house and head to Algeria, while Luc remains behind, fearing their plan is doomed.

While on the road, they receive devastating news from a radio report of Frank’s attack on Shakir Khan.

Diallo seeks revenge, but his actions leave his soldiers troubled. Bob edges ever closer to discovering the truth regarding Ruby’s true identity, and Senator Darnell puts pressure on Harrison.

Elsewhere, Peter makes a deal with the Societel Mining CEO as his marriage suffers, and Suzanne makes a new friend.

Partners in Crime (BBC1, 9pm)

Part three of three.

Tuppence ponders the cryptic message she discovered in the Soho den, while Tommy is taken to a remote location by Brown’s gang after his cover is blown, and forced to steal a secret file from Carter by threatening the life of his son.

Tommy and Tuppence do manage to discover evidence that will prove Brown’s identity, but face another setback when it is taken from them by Julius.

So, the couple face a race against time if they are to unmask the evil mastermind and foil the assassination of a visiting American dignitary of incredible importance to the British government.

Man on Fire (TV3, 9pm)

(2004) A wave of kidnappings has swept through Mexico, feeding a growing sense of panic among its wealthier citizens, especially parents.

In one six-day period, there were twenty-four abductions, leading many to hire bodyguards for their children.

Into this world enters John Creasy (Washington), a burned-out ex-CIA operative/assassin, who has given up on life.

Creasy's friend Rayburn brings him to Mexico City to be a bodyguard to nine-year-old Pita Ramos, daughter of industrialist Samuel Ramos and his wife Lisa.

Creasy's new-found purpose in life is shattered when Pita is kidnapped. Despite being seriously wounded during the kidnapping, he vows to kill anyone involved in or profiting from the kidnapping. And no one can stop him.

Starring: Denzel Washington, Dakota Fanning, Marc Anthony. 

Life of Pi (Channel 4, 9.00pm)

(2012) An inquisitive writer (Rafe Spall) turns up unexpectedly at the door of Pi Patel (Irrfan Khan), having been told the stranger’s life story deserves to be immortalised in print.

In flashback, Pi recounts his youth as the son of a circus owner (Adil Hussain), who decided to sell the family business in Pondicherry and emigrate to Canada with his wife Gita (Tabu) and two boys.

A raging storm causes the Japanese freighter to overturn and young Pi (Suraj Sharma) escapes in a lifeboat along with a zebra, orang-utan, hyena and a tiger called Richard Parker. The rest of the clan, including Pi’s older brother Ravi (Vibish Sivakumar), perish at sea.

As the days pass, the predators prevail until just Richard Parker and Pi remain, trapped together in a vast expanse of water.

Takers (Channel 5, 9.00pm)

(2010) Gordon Betts (Idris Elba), John Rahway (Paul Walker), AJ (Hayden Christensen), Jake Attica (Michael Ealy) and his brother Jesse (Chris Brown) are good friends who bankroll their extravagant lifestyles by engineering elaborate bank robberies.

For their latest heist, they even steal the Channel 14 news helicopter to make the getaway.

They cover their tracks well and the police seem clueless. Shortly after their escapade, the thieves are shocked to find former accomplice Ghost (Tip “TI” Harris) has been released from prison.

Ghost asks Gordon and co to help him pull off the robbery of an armoured car carrying more than 12 million dollars, with just a five-day window to complete the operation. Jake is most wary, and with good reason: He is now dating Ghost’s old flame, Lili (Zoe Saldana).

The Lookout (BBC1, 11.40pm)

(2007) Award-winning screenwriter Scott Frank makes a seamless transition to director with his own ingenious creation.

Athletic teenager Chris Pratt (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) has a promising future ahead of him – until a car crash leaves him with brain damage that affects his memory.

Trying to put his life back together, he takes a job as a janitor at a bank, but falls under the influence of crooks who draw him into their plot to raid the vault.

However, as he becomes aware of their plans, he makes a desperate attempt to stop them.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is mesmerising as the hero haunted by misdeeds of the past, and he shares great rapport with Jeff Daniels’ deadpan best friend.

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