Saturday’s TV tips

Saturday’s TV tips

ENTERTAINMENT: Sitting on a Fortune (TV3, 6.50pm)

Saturday’s TV tips

TV3’s brand new Saturday night entertainment show sees players earn money for doing absolutely nothing.

Hosted by the hilarious TV presenter and former Big Brother winner, Brian Dowling, Sitting on a Fortune is a formidable and funny play-along entertainment show that is guaranteed to put bums on seats!

Players earn money for sitting on their bum so the more they are sat down the more their prize fund increases. It’s a show where you really don’t want to be the last man standing.

In this episode, dancers Gerard and Lana are playing for a fortune against beautiful, GAA-mad Mayo sisters Jean and Mary. Also challenging these two teams are dynamic husband and wife team Tom and Jodie, who give Brian a run for his money!

MUSIC: Thriller Night: The X Factor (TV3, 8pm)

Saturday’s TV tips

If you think it must be hard for the Strictly Come Dancing professionals to keep coming up with new Halloween-themed routines every year, spare a thought for the X Factor judges as they prepare for this year’s seasonal special.

Finding a spooky tune that suits their proteges voices and won’t send them into novelty act territory isn’t going to be easy, unless they bend the rules and let everyone have a bash at Thriller. Luckily, the show is going for a ’Fright Night’ theme that should leave a bit of wiggle room for unexpected song choices.

However, it’s still going to be a scary evening for the remaining contestants as they try to survive another week and edge ever closer to a victory.

At least Dermot O’Leary is on hand to reassure them there’s nothing to be frightened of – well, nothing apart from judges Simon Cowell, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Mel B and Louis Walsh.

DRAMA: Doctor Who (BBC1, 8.15pm)

It feels like Peter Capaldi has barely had time to get used to the controls on the Tardis, and yet we’ve already reached the series’ two-part finale. Perhaps we need a Time Lord to explain how that can be possible.

However, the Doctor has bigger things to wrap his impressive alien brain around this week, as it looks like we may finally get some answers regarding Missy (the reliably batty Michelle Gomez), the mysterious woman who has been cropping up at the end of random recent episodes to welcome dead characters to ’Heaven’. (Or the Promised Land, the Afterlife and the Nethersphere, depending on who she and her assistant Seb are talking to.)

It seems it’s all linked to a mysterious organisation known as 3W that promises ’Death is not an end’. Sounds reassuring, but by the time the Doctor and Clara work out what they mean, they may well wish it was an end.

DRAMA: Casualty (BBC1, 9pm)

Are Blue on a mission to take over Saturday night BBC One? First, Simon Webbe signs up for Strictly Come Dancing, and now his bandmate Antony Costa is making a guest appearance in Casualty.

All we need is for Duncan James to crop up on Doctor Who and Lee Ryan to take his chances on Pointless Celebrities, and we’ll have a full set.

In the meantime, its football derby day in Holby, and as the fans gather for a pre-match pint, a fight quickly breaks out.

The scuffle ends up spilling over into the hospital, where one victim seems to be keeping a secret from her fiance. Ash certainly feels the pressure as he tries to restore some semblance of calm, and the last thing grieving Dixie needs is to deal with rampaging football supporters.

Meanwhile, Rita’s promotion inspires Mac to make a decision about his own career.

FILM: The New Daughter (Channel 5, 10pm)

(2009) A father battles for his daughter’s tortured soul in this supernatural thriller based on a short story by John Connolly.

Writer and family man John James is abandoned by his wife, leaving him to single-handedly raise their two children, Louisa and Sam. Keen for a new start, John transplants the family to the rural town of Mercy, South Carolina, where Louisa’s increasingly bizarre behaviour drives a wedge between the father and his eldest child.

As John realises a malevolent force has his beloved Louisa in its thrall, he must risk everything to cling onto his daughter or lose her forever.

Kevin Costner may have turned his career around in recent years thanks to top turns in Man of Steel and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, but this little-seen offering failed to attract a lot of attention a few years ago. That said, he alone is worth a look.

Starring: Kevin Costner, Ivana Baquero, Samantha Mathis, Gattlin Griffith, Erik Palladino, Noah Taylor

CHAT SHOW: The Saturday Night Show (RTE One, 10.10pm)

Journalist and broadcaster Brendan O’Connor returns to our screens on Saturday 27th September for a fifth series of The Saturday Night Show.

The Saturday Night Show promises a lively mix of entertainment, chat, music and lots more. Every week we will be bringing you a diverse mix of guests and great music.

FILM: Bloody Sunday (UTV, 11.20pm)

(2002) Fact-based drama telling the story of the events of January 30, 1972, when soldiers attached to the Parachute Regiment opened fire on a civil rights march taking place in Londonderry, killing 13 unarmed civilians.

Director Paul Greengrass is synonymous with great movies, and this offering is no exception. Although made for TV, it received a much deserved theatrical release here and overseas.

Starring: James Nesbitt, Nicholas Farrell, Tim Pigott-Smith, Kathy Keira Clarke.

FILM: Silkwood (BBC Two, 1am)

(1983) Meryl Streep heads the cast of this taut true-life drama about a nuclear conspiracy.

When nuclear power station worker Karen Silkwood is exposed to dangerous levels of radiation, her concerns aren’t eased with her employers’ insistence that it is an isolated incident – she’s convinced there’s more to it. Turning detective, she begins to gather evidence of their disregard for safety standards. But the company will go to any lengths to keep her quiet.

With a top-drawer cast of Streep, Kurt Russell and Cher, you’d hope so. The direction is neatly handled by veteran film-maker Mike Nichols, making this one-to-watch. Admittedly, it can be slow-paced at times, but Streep’s memorable performance more than makes up for it.

Starring: Meryl Streep, Kurt Russell, Cher, Craig T Nelson, Ron Silver

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