Rory Cowan talks about leaving Mrs Browns Boys and what’s next

Mrs Brown Boys star Rory Cowan has opened up on why he decided to leave the hit show after almost 20 years.

In an honest and straight talking interview on RTE’s Ray D’Arcy show this afternoon Rory revealed how he had essentially become bored and fed up.

"It’s gone so big the challenges are gone now ... if you were to check the tour that we did two years ago ... it’s the exact same dates in the exact same venues in the exact same order right up to finishing off in Dublin and then we go to Australia.

"That will be our third visit to Australia in four years and there’s no challenge left ... it ’s gone into a rut for me of doing the same venues and staying in the same accommodations."

Ray also asked Rory how he told Brendan the news.

"I told him on this leg of the tour and I was just thinking I really don’t want to be here and on the second night in Cardiff I said to him, ’Brendan I’d like to leave - how much notice will you need?’

"Brendan knows me so well, he must have known I was unhappy there anyway - he never asked why I was leaving - I never told him why I was leaving and I just said I would like to leave and he said okay and that was it."

Rory went on to tell Ray about his last performance on Sunday night.

"I loved my last performances ... I just went in, took my makeup off, hugged a couple of the cast who came into the room to say goodbye to me and put all my stuff of whatever I was taking with me into a Waitrose plastic bag and just walked out the door and got onto a Tube and went back to my hotel."

Rory went on to tell Ray that he would love to present his own radio show and would have no problem doing one of the dancing reality shows.

Listen to the full interview below

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