Prince Albert split opinion as he and Victoria tied the knot, while we bid a teary farewell to Lord M

It was the big wedding on Victoria this week but xenophobia was making things a little difficult for Prince Albert in the run up.

After Victoria asked Albert to marry her, politics took over.

“How can we have a German running the country?” the parliament asked. On top of that he might even be Catholic, they suggested. It made some wonder whether this was a period drama at all.

But viewers thought the politicians had good reason to be suspicious – after all, Prince Albert was asking for a salary and title. Shouldn’t he be happy with a Queen? What were his real motives?

For many, though, this came secondary.

Wait, aren’t we all forgetting Lord Melbourne?!

In the previous episode of Victoria Lord M had offered Victoria a grand gesture in a bid to win her love, but almost immediately it became apparent that despite the closeness between them, Lord M and Victoria, or Vicbourne as they’ve come to be known, would not be a thing.

Especially after she told him what she’d asked Albert.

It reminded everyone that real life is definitely not Hollywood.

But, despite being pressured by his brother into gaining some “experience” with another woman ahead of his marriage, Albert decided not to, instead taking notes from the prostitute his brother had offered him…

This went down a treat.

And given this gesture from Albert, and him showing another side of his character, it made things a little bit complicated for some people, given the impression Lord M has made over previous weeks.

Lord M, it seemed, would remain the people’s prince.

Albert may have been busy preparing for a lifetime with Victoria (sorry to ruin it for you, but this is based on real events after all), Lord M had all the best lines.

Such as:

It won him yet more plaudits.

After a brief return to Germany, Albert returned and was as sulky as ever. And why does he always whisper?

Spoiler alert.

In all honesty the wedding scene was over very quickly, but viewers thought it wasn’t over quick enough for Albert.

Somehow some people still managed to be shocked about events, despite all of this happening more nearly 180 years ago…

Nobody tell him they’re cousins…

As the wedding came to a close, with Albert imploring his uncle to give up his “actresses” so that Victoria would have more money with which to give him an allowance, the most upsetting moment of the night came.

Lord M and Victoria bid farewell to each other.

No, that wasn’t a kiss on the lips! Lord M asked for a kiss from the bride, and turned and departed. It was too much.

There were suggestions for a new role he could play in her life.

And some couldn’t let it go.

But while it was obvious how sad Lord M was to be leaving Victoria, as he was no longer needed to help her rule, the Queen herself hardly seemed aware of it.

In fact, there were other things on her mind…

The next episode looks as if it will transport us 20 years into the future after Victoria and Albert have spent some serious time together.

Will they still be so loved up? Will we ever see Lord M again? It’s all too much!

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