Price launches new TV show

Price launches new TV show

Katie Price vowed today that her marriage to Alex Reid would be more private than her relationship with Peter Andre – but told reporters she could not wait to get “Reidinated”.

The 31-year-old was launching the latest series of her fly-on-the-wall show 'What Katie Did Next' – in which she says she believes Reid is “using” her for fame.

Despite Price dumping Reid on TV, the documentary shows how the couple secretly rekindled their relationship within days.

Fresh from her whirlwind marriage in Las Vegas last week, Price said at the launch that she could not wait to get pregnant – or “Reidinated” as she put it.

The first episode of the programme, screened at the launch, shows Price being told after she emerged from the 'I’m A Celebrity' jungle last year that Reid has been speaking to the media.

Price dumped Reid during her post-jungle interview with Ant and Dec – and she tells the ITV2 documentary she feels “used” and “misled”.

In the show Price says: “They would not be interested in him if it wasn’t for me... don’t do stories, don’t use me to get famous.”

But at the end of a meeting behind closed doors to explain to Reid why he has been dumped, the couple are back together, with Price telling the show she has “fallen” for Reid.

The couple kept their reconciliation a secret from the media, with Price going out in public alone.

Asked about the break-up at today’s launch, Price said: “I hate the first show. When I saw bits of it I’m like: ’Oh my God, can’t you say at the end that we’re... back together again?’

“I mean that was then and literally after two days... we were back on.

“So it was all fine... but that’s part of the show now, so you’ll get to see what happens.”

Asked if she still believed Reid was using her for fame, Price responded “No, not at all.”

She said she was “so glad” Reid appeared on 'Celebrity Big Brother', which he went on to win – “because it goes to show, he won it himself and it goes to show he’s a genuine guy”.

She said of watching the show: “All I wanted him to say was, ’Oh I really love Kate’, and every night when I was watching it I’m like, ’Say it, say it’, ’cos I’m pining for him.

“He never did, but we made up for it after.”

Asked about her desire to be pregnant, Price said: “Yes, I can’t wait to be Reidinated.

“We’re absolutely dying to have a baby. I’m so hoping that by the end of this series that I can announce that I’m pregnant... I so can’t wait to get preggie. So watch out for the bump.”

Talking about initially keeping the relationship with Reid secret, Price told reporters: “It was great wasn’t it ’cos none of you knew about it.

“But obviously in the show you see that relationships can happen and we don’t have to tell the press everything.

“So that’s one good thing about me and Alex, that we are going to be more mysterious, more private and it’s not going to be like a Pete and Kate relationship.”

She added: “We’re a happy couple, we’re really in love and you know, they’re still trying to tarnish it but it’s not going to happen... we’re more private, more mysterious and that’s the way we want to do it.”

She said: “It’s more private just like no one knew that we were back together and that’s how we want to play it. I don’t want to go down the same road as I did with Pete.

“In my show you’ll see bits of Alex, he’s not in it that much.”

She later said: “We know the real reasons why I split up with him on telly and that’s for us to know and you never to find out.”

Price refused to answer a question about whether the couple had signed a pre-nuptial deal, saying: “I’m not discussing anything about our marriage.”

She said she had told her son Junior about her wedding with Reid, “but what do you say to a four-year-old, what do they understand?”

Referring to her daughter Princess and eldest son Harvey, she added: “And certainly a two-year-old wouldn’t understand and Harvey is more interested in his cake.”

Price said of her relationship with ex-husband Andre: “We don’t even talk.

But paying tribute to Andre’s parenting skills, she said: “Pete is an absolutely amazing dad, no one can ever take that away from him.

“And as for Alex, he has no intention of adopting the kids... we’re going to have our own kids.

“And hopefully one day Pete will come round and he’ll have kids with his girlfriend and we can all play happy families.”

Asked what she would do if she had to choose between Reid and fame, Price said: “Alex... I’m Mrs Reid now, Mrs Reid all the way. I’m doing marriage properly this time... to me it’s more important now to have my family life, my husband... I’m doing it completely different this time.”

:: 'What Katie Did Next' airs on ITV2 from this Thursday at 9pm.

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