People are slamming Katie Price for posting this video of her kids

People are taking to their various social media accounts to slam Katie Price after she posted a video of her kids promoting a drinks brand.

Princess, 10 and Junior, 12 are seen bigging up their two favourite flavours of the drink, orange and mango, lime an coconuts.

"I have orange, it’s actually really nice, it’s one of my favourites. I like the way when you push it in and you shake it and it changes colour,” she says to the camera before Junoir says, "I’ve got one of my favourites which is mango, lime and coconuts. It’s amazing, I just love the taste so much."

Fans have accused the former glamour model of “using her kids to make money”.

“Wrong just wrong! Staged, edited,” one commenter said underneath the post.

While another added: “Shameful getting your kids to endorse products!”

Price didn’t shy away from the fact that the video was an advertisement and captioned the video will details on where to buy the drinks and how much they would cost.

More commenter praised Princess’ elocution.

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