Operation Transformation's Marie has captured the hearts of the nation

Marie Grace lost 1.5lbs this week but far more importantly she faced a personal fear and overcame it.

Grief is hard for everyone but grieving a child and preparing to be a mother again all at once is unimagineable.

She was rushed to hospital in 2014, while she was expecting with Michaela, after her waters broke at just six months pregnant.

Tragically little Michaela did not make it and Marie explained the trauma made her turn to food.

She said: "I suppose I lost a piece of myself when I lost her and after that I just cut myself off from it.

"I could have three or four bags of Tayto in the day. I could have three or four bars of chocolate.

"More often than not I mightn’t even eat a lunch and I’d wait then until the takeaways open and I’d go and I’d get a takeaway."

So, you can understand why Marie would heed old wives' tales and avoid graveyards, while pregnant, just in case.

She still hadn't been to the cemetary since her nine-month-old daughter was born though, until this week.

And people are right behind her with all the support she needs going forward. Her inspirational move forward has inspired many on Twitter.

She's even brought some viewers to tears.

How did Marie's successful week make you feel? Tweet us at @breakingnewsie.

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