Noel Edmonds counselling a cat on Jeremy Vine is the best thing people have heard all year

It’s never been a secret that Noel Edmonds has a penchant for the peculiar – Mr Blobby was evidence enough.

Then came his book on cosmic ordering, in which he said ask the universe for help, and ye shall receive – in his case in the form of TV comeback Deal Or No Deal.

But with the recent news that his “beat the banker” show was being axed, we started to worry a little at what might become of Noel.

Well, proving that as one door closes another opens, Noel has apparently made the smooth transition from TV host to motivational speaker for animals.

An advert on his website confirmed that he was hanging up on the Deal Or No Deal banker and picking up the phone to distressed pets, with a form to fill in for those looking to benefit from his soothing tones.

It read: “What would life be like without our feathered, furry, scaly friends?

“Well the answer is – pretty miserable. So I want to make these precious chums feel important and appreciated. It’s amazing how a simple brief phone call can pick up the spirits of the most dejected hamster, the most stressed goldfish and the most neurotic cat.

“Please allow me to call your pet and offer positive words of appreciation and motivation.”

BBC Radio 2′s Jeremy Vine decided that was just too generous an offer to pass up and promptly booked Noel for his radio show, drafting in a distressed cat for him to work his charms on.

He was baffled by the results.

The listening public predictably went crazy for it.

This is the sort of stunt only Noel could get away with.

Mock all you like, but it seems Noel could be onto something…

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