Monday’s TV tips

Monday’s TV tips

Republic Of Ireland V Georgia (RTÉ2, ko 7.45pm)

Monday’s TV tips

Martin O’Neill’s men try to keep their Euro 2016 campaign on track with a victory against a side ranked more than 100 places below them on Fifa’s world rankings.

Other games of interest tonight include fellow Group D battlers Scotland v Germany (Sky Sports 1, ko 7.45pm), as well as Northern Ireland v Hungary (Sky Sports 5, ko 7.45pm), with the North in second place in Group F and in a good position to qualify.

Jamie’s Super Food (Channel 4, 8pm)

Jamie Oliver is on his travels for this new series, looking at the link between food and long, healthy lives in various parts of the world.

Costa Rica, Okinawa, and the Greek islands have large populations of centenarians, so Oliver wants to recreate some of the meals from their daily diets.

Of course, on another show he’s also begun a campaign against over-use of sugar.

Mid-life crisis, new business angle or genuine concern for people’s health? Probably a bit of each.

Ireland’s Animal Rescue (TV3, 8.30pm)

Monday’s TV tips

The first of TV3’s brand new, 12 part series, sees 3 animal rescuers from different parts of the country working independently yet sharing the same aim, to rehabilitate sick & injured animals with the hope of offering them a new lease of life and a second chance.

Tonight’s show sees ISPCA’s Chief Inspector, Conor Dowling seize an abandoned mare & her young foal from dangerous circumstances & bring them to the ISPCA’s National Animal Centre in Kenagh, Co. Longford.

After an uncertain start in life, the foal and his mother undergo a thorough veterinarian examination before moving to the ISPCA’s equine centre in Mallow to begin their recovery & recuperation.

The Bourne Supremacy (ITV2, 9.00pm)

(2004) Two years after losing his memory in The Bourne Identity, Matt Damon’s resourceful CIA operative finds himself embroiled in a deadly new game of cat and mouse when he is framed for the murder of two US agents during a botched stakeout overseen by Agent Pamela Landy (Joan Allen).

Director Paul Greengrass’s twitchy, handheld direction invests The Bourne Supremacy with an edgy, nervous quality, reflecting Jason’s sense of unease as he tries to outwit his foes.

The camerawork is especially effective during the breathtaking car chases which bookend the film.

Damon delivers a compelling lead performance, coping admirably with the physical exertions of the role which leave his hero battered and bruised by the adrenaline-pumping finale.

The Catch (Channel 4, 9pm)

Monday’s TV tips

The second episode of the documentary series on fishermen in the UK follows two boats at different ends of the earning scale.

One modern trawler catches a £1m worth of fish per year, while the owner of an ageing scallop boat is on the verge of calling it a day unless his fortunes turn around soon.

Show Me a Hero (Sky Atlantic, 9pm)

Mayor Wasicsko is feeling the heat over plans to put public housing in his area, and he’s lagging in the polls as he faces an election.

Après Match of the Day (RTÉ2, 10.15pm)

After the Euro2016 qualifier of Gibraltar v Ireland, the Après Match crew try a new series in which they travel back in time to discuss some of the great games from Irish soccer history.

As well as the traditional panel members, they’ll be taking off the likes of Jack Charlton, Jimmy Hill, and Don Givens.

Claire Byrne Live (RTÉ One, 10.10pm)

Monday’s TV tips

Another series of discussions and reports, complete with live studio audience.

Trainspotting (Film4, 11.00pm)

(1996) Believe the hype, this really is one of the best British movies of all time.

A young Ewan McGregor stars as one of a group of Edinburgh-based drug addicts who, in a series of both funny and horrific vignettes, says more about life, love, choices and friendship than a mountain of Hollywood fodder.

Packed with brilliant performances (from Johnny Lee Miller’s Sean Connery-obsessed Sick Boy to Robert Carlyle’s disturbingly psychotic Begbie), the script is bristling with honesty and insight and Danny Boyle’s masterful direction mixes the surreal with the frighteningly real to produce a style all his own.

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