Monday’s TV tips

Monday’s TV tips

REALITY: Renovation Nation (TV3, 8pm)

Monday’s TV tips

Presented by Laura Woods, Renovation Nation is the show that gives a helping hand to charitable organisations and local groups across the country by refitting, revamping and reviving their much loved spaces and we do it all in just one day.

In this episode, we are getting mucky in the Muck and Magic Community Garden in Ballymun. The garden is well used by charitable organisation St Michael's and local residents but due to the lack of funding the site has its fair share of problems.

With 100 hard working volunteers, the plan is to build an eco-friendly toilet, construct a fun outdoor classroom and create wheelchair assessable paths throughout.

The team also have a whole host of other projects up their sleeves which will help rejuvenate this cherished garden.

CRIME: Donal Macintyre: Breaking Crime (TV3, 9pm)

In episode three of Breaking Crime Donal takes a wider look at some of the issues around youth crime in Dublin-those who have been through the cycle of crime and addiction and managed to break it, and the people working to ensure that young people have better options in place to choose a different path.

DRAMA: Silent Witness (BBC1, 9pm)

When the brilliant Amanda Burton announced she was leaving this superb drama, many of us wondered whether or not the show would sustain its ratings figures and popularity.

But that was over 10 years ago now – yes, really – and Emilia Fox is certainly holding her own in the lead role, thank you very much. And with the show turning 20 next year, there will be plenty to celebrate soon enough.

We’ve reached the halfway marker of this 18th series now, and this week’s two-parter kicks off with a suspected paedophile found dead in a playground. The situation baffles inexperienced detective Rory Drennan so he calls in Nikki and Jack, and the team soon link the murder to the case of a missing young girl.

And when the child-protection workers are brought in, it becomes obvious the youngster’s social worker blames herself for the disappearance.

David Caves and Richard Lintern star alongside Fox.

DOCUMENTARY: The Undateables (Channel 4, 9pm)

As one of the most heartwarming series on the box continues, we meet Richard, a 25-year-old who dreams of the high life and has high expectations as far as girlfriends are concerned.

And he’s not about to let his Asperger syndrome get in the way of an afternoon tea date, as he heads off to meet Tammy at a five-star hotel.

Chris was paralysed from the chest down two years ago following a motorbike accident, and while he’s had girlfriends since, he’s now on the look out for something more serious – and so meets photographer Natalie. However, his nerves threaten to get the better of him...

Meanwhile, Christina has Down’s syndrome and is determined to meet the love of her life before she turns 30. But will she manage to play it cool when she meets Matty?

FILM: Hitman (Film4, 9pm)

(2007) Timothy Olyphant stars as a nameless genetically-engineered assassin who is at the beck and call of a mysterious organisation.

When he fails in his latest mission, the cold-blooded killer soon becomes a target himself as security forces worldwide become aware of his existence and a rival agent is dispatched to track him down and tie up loose ends.

Adapting computer games into movies is a hit-and-miss affair. For every Resident Evil, there are a dozen Wing Commanders and Super Mario Bros.

Luckily, this action thriller, based on the game series of the same name, falls onto the more watchable side of the fence.

However, be warned, if you’re tuning in because you’re a big fan of the original games, you might take issue with the plot deviations. And for those who have never played the games, well this is a great way to while away a couple of hours.

Starring: Timothy Olyphant, Dougray Scott, Olga Kurylenko, Henry Ian Cusick

DOCUMENTARY: Coming out of the Curve (RTE One, 9.35pm)

Monday’s TV tips

Donal Óg Cusack, 3-times All-Ireland winning Cork hurler and one of our first high-profile sports personalities to come out, asks how much life in Ireland and internationally has changed for gay people in the two decades since the de-criminalisation of homosexuality.

He talks to sports people about coming out, and interviews an ‘ex-gay’ man who claims he has been cured of his homosexuality.

CURRENT AFFAIRS: Claire Byrne Live (RTE One, 10.35pm)

Monday’s TV tips

Claire Byrne Live is a brand new hour-long current affairs TV programme which will broadcast on Monday nights at 10.35pm from January 19th on RTÉ One and RTÉ News Now.

Presenter Claire Byrne will be joined by guests and a live studio audience for discussion, analysis and whatever has the country talking.

The programme will contain a number of new elements including authored reports, newspaper previews and much more.

Presenter Claire Byrne said: “It’s been a busy few weeks preparing for the new programme and I’m excited to see everything coming together as we prepare to go live. I’m looking forward to meeting people from all around the country and from all walks of life to hear about the issues that really matter to them. It’s a very exciting time politically and socially for Ireland and there certainly is plenty for us to talk about.”

FILM: Harold & Kumar Get the Munchies (ITV2, 10pm)

(2004) It’s the stirring tale of Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn), two high-achieving roommates who succumb to a severe attack of the munchies.

The duo head off in search of food, but what should have been a simple trip to the burger bar turns into an epic quest.

This film may be puerile and predictable, but when it works it’s very, very funny.

Of course it won’t stretch your intellect too far, but with director Danny Leiner (Dude, Where’s My Car? anyone?) you go into this knowing exactly what to expect.

Eddie Kaye Thomas and Ryan Reynolds also star, although it’s Neil Patrick Harris who steals the show by sending up his clean-cut child-actor persona.

Starring: John Cho, Kal Penn, Paula Garces, Neil Patrick Harris.

FILM: Killing Them Softly (Film4, 10.50pm)

(2012) It’s a crime drama about two small-time crooks who rob the pot of money in an illegal poker game run by the Mob.

A hitman is sent to either track down the culprits or make an example of the gangster who organised the game. However, when he brings in a washed-up old friend, the whole assignment is threatened.

This film is hard-hitting at times, and definitely not one for which you can simply sit back and put your brain in to neutral – but it’s well worth sticking with, if only for the top drawer cast alone.

Brad Pitt is superb in his starring role – perfectly cast – but he’s matched every step of the way by the likes of Ray Liotta and Vincent Curatola.

And of course it’s a great opportunity to catch James Gandolfini in one of his final few roles.

Starring: Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini, Ray Liotta.

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