Mary Berry is back on the TV and it's made everyone feel all warm inside

It appears there’s a perfect remedy for these tumultuous times – seeing Mary Berry back on our TVs.

The Bake Off queen returned to the BBC to take us on a stroll through her childhood, kicking off the Mary Berry Everyday series with a number of warming Scottish dishes.

“There’s no place that inspires me more than Scotland,” Mary said of her mother’s birthplace, which is all well and good, but really people were just happy to hear Mary’s cosy tones transmitted through the TV again.

… whatever the cost.

Mary began by updating a classic from her childhood, bacon and eggs, to a bacon rosti.

Many felt it was a public service.

What followed were beautiful shots in Scotland as Mary sought out her favourite types of seafood, from salmon to langoustine, a type of lobster.

It was a delightful end to many people’s days, not just because the food looked soooo good.

Mary took the classic cottage pie and remade it with venison, which got mouths watering, but there was one ingredient in particular that got people talking.

It was no Bake Off, but it was definitely entertaining, and had plenty of people hoping to bump into Mary the next time they were down Yates’s on a Friday night after she proved her party credentials by serving a Scotch whisky dessert in the biggest shot glass we’d ever seen.

So while we won’t be seeing Mary on Bake Off any more after the show’s move to Channel 4, at least we have episodes of Everyday to look forward to.

Ahead of the next episode you can find the rosti, salmon and venison recipe’s here.

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