Maisie Williams hopes there will be no need for another Me Too campaign

Maisie Williams hopes that there will never need to be another Me Too campaign to safeguard women.

On International Women’s Day the Game Of Thrones star has said the bravery of female victims speaking out about abuse could pave a safe path through the film industry.

Williams has said her global fame has brought immense pressure, but accepted her position as a role model for young women.

The Arya Stark star refuses to change her youthful appearance to adhere to the expectations of others, and has said she relies on her own powers of thought and speech to stand up for herself.

She hopes that the raised voices of other women have helped to make the need for Me Too a thing of the past.

Williams said: “I would hope that women that have spoken out so bravely, I would hope that that means there’s never going to be a Me Too movement again.

“I hope that with the #metoo movement the path is being paved for women of my generation to move through the industry safely.”

Williams spoke at a Women Of The World event in London, describing the perils of fame for young women.

I had become become a sort of role model

She said her elevation to worldwide recognition at an early age made her an immediate role model for other women and girls.

Williams said: “I quite early on realised I had become become a sort of role model.

“It’s important to use whatever power you do have. I’m lucky enough to get this huge platform. I feel it’s important to speak out about what you’re not happy about.”

The actress spoke of the pressure on women across film and social media for females to share an aesthetic, one she refuses to buy into.

Williams said: “I do look younger than I am, and I have no intention to look older, and that has its own difficulties. I know that what’s in my head and what comes out of my mouth can do that for me.”

The star founded the app Daisie, aimed at helping collaboration in creative industries. She said she wants a “better supper network” for women in the film industry.

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