Love Island stars discuss overcoming anxiety

Love Island stars have been talking about their experiences of anxiety and heartbreak.

Samira Mighty said that she “suffered with anxiety for years”.

She told Heat magazine: “Anxiety keeps me awake at night. But you’ve just got to breathe through it.”

She added: “In the past I have struggled to admit that I am stressed, or I have got anxiety. It’s not embarrassing but you don’t want to show that you’re weak.

“But I think it’s important to show your true emotions and how you really feel because otherwise no-one can help you.”

She said of her feelings after a “bad” break-up: “Physically you feel like it (your heart) breaks and then you go through all these emotions… You think you’re depressed but you’re not really depressed… As time goes on, you feel so much better.”

Laura Crane said she discovered, in the villa, that crying is “not a weakness”, adding: “It’s actually a strength because you’re showing that you can listen to yourself.”

Alexandra Cane said: “The hardest battle I ever went through was… I had four family members die in a year and my boyfriend and then my mum got diagnosed with cancer.

“That was a really, really hard period for myself and yeah, I got through it. To be honest, I didn’t really speak to anybody about it but then eventually you start to heal, and you start to open up a lot more about it. And you cry a lot of tears, but time is the biggest healer and you’ll come through positively.”

The stars were speaking to Heat to support Where’s Your Head At?, the magazine’s campaign aimed at getting a mental health first-aider in every workplace and college.

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