Kerry Katona hits back at followers ‘slagging her off’ after daughter cuts her own hair

Kerry Katona took to Instagram yesterday to share this adorable photo of her daughter DJ after she gave herself a haircut - as three-year-olds do.

"My Dylan-Jorge, who thought it would be a good idea to cut her own hair! But she still looks beautiful," she captioned the original photo.

She then posted this photo of the toddler modeling her school outfit and explained that she tried her best to fix her hair but thinks that hats would be the best option for a while.

After the picture was posted, she was hit with a ton of comments slamming the singer for ‘letting’ DJ having the scissors in the first place and stressing the fact that she was lucky they didn’t have to take a trip to the hospital.

Responding to the criticism, the Atomic Kitten star wrote: “Nobody was hurt during dj's hairdressing disaster!!! So stop slagging me off by saying "what if", don't you all think I know this!!"

“But rather think about what could've happened which nothing harmful did happen apart from a typical Toddler playing hairdresser gone wrong!! DJ isn't the first toddler in the world to of done this and nor will be the last!”

She then proceeded to chop her own hair into a pixie cut to match her youngest daughter.

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