JK Rowling has delivered an almighty (and savage) blow to sparring partner Piers Morgan

JK Rowling and Piers Morgan have seemingly reached the end of their Twitter war over politics and how “rubbish” Harry Potter is.

Or, at least, it has been ended for now, and spectacularly so by the author, who has pretty much already posted the Tweet of the Year. It’s only February, but we’re calling it.

JK Rowling (Ian West/PA)

The stars kicked off an expletive-ridden row on Twitter on Saturday after JK expressed her glee at the broadcaster being sworn at by Australian comedian Jim Jefferies during an appearance on panel show Real Time With Bill Maher.

Discussing Donald Trump’s attempt to stop people from seven Muslim-majority countries entering the US, Piers said it is not a Muslim ban, to which Jim responded: “Oh, fuck off. It’s a fucking Muslim ban.”

A massive spat ensued, with Piers calling JK a “liberal” and refuting her arguments and JK calling him a “celebrity toady”.

And, although it seemed it had ended, the writer added some new heat to things on Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, as she shared a post filled with lovely, praising words for her.

Asking to know who the writer of the piece was, she added: “I’d love to thank him!”

The flattering piece wrote about how successful she is, how influential she is to children, but that she doesn’t “play the celebrity game”.

Piers didn’t take her post without a fight, calling her out for her “Priceless #humblebrag BS”.

But it wasn’t long until Twitter users spotted where JK had taken the piece from… and it transpired that it had been penned by Piers himself in 2010.

The piece was entitled The 100 British celebrities who really matter, and it was Piers who had described JK in such a wonderful way and placing her at 97th on the list.

Piers, understandably, was not too happy about this and retorted as such, calling the Twitter user a “quarter-wit” and claiming that he knew all along that he was the author of the piece.

Is it over? Probably not. Fasten your seatbelts, people.

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