Jeremy McConnell is refusing to sign a contract over Stephanie Davis's baby

Former Celebrity Big Brother star Jeremy McConnell says he has taken a DNA test, but has been asked to sign a contract before he learns if he is the father of his co-star Stephanie Davis’s baby.

The former Hollyoaks actress gave birth to son Caben-Albi last month, but Jeremy said Stephanie has demanded he sign a contract before finding out if the child is his.

The former couple in CBB (Channel 5)

Jeremy told ITV’s This Morning that “no man would sign that contract”, while host Philip Schofield said he would not sign such a document and blasted the terms as “unreasonable”.

He told the show: “I’ve never said once that I wasn’t the father. I know I’ve said certain things on Twitter but I’m not fame-hungry.

“I just want to set the record straight, I never said I wasn’t the dad, I just said there was a month I didn’t know about, from April to the end of May after we broke up, and I just want reassurance and clarity.

During happier times (Channel 5)

“I could easily be the dad and I hope I am the dad, if it’s my flesh and blood, I don’t want people think that I’m a bad person and I bucked my responsibilities. It’s upsetting. I just want it sorted.”

A statement from Stephanie’s representatives to the show said:

Philip confirmed a nurse from a DNA testing company had visited the show’s studios to take a sample from Jeremy, which will be held at a laboratory.

The TV star said he has seen the contract Stephanie has asked Jeremy to sign before the DNA test is completed, and added: “The contract says we can’t discuss the contract but what I can say is the word we would use for that contract, and I wouldn’t sign it, is unreasonable.

“The terms, in my eyes and in the eyes of our legal team, is it has an impact on your entire life.

“ITV have acted as an intermediary, we don’t want to know the results, we don’t want anything to do with it other than the fact you can say you have had the DNA test taken.

“The nurse came in this morning and that is the DNA test being taken and that will be sent off to the lab and will be held there securely.”

Jeremy told the show: “This is demoralising, this isn’t the way I planned to live my life. I want to be on here for the right reason and be a loving dad.”

He also confirmed he was unfaithful to Stephanie on multiple occasions while they were in a relationship, but said he believes she was faithful to him.

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