James Nesbitt: Camera phones are the 'bane of my life'

Cold Feet star James Nesbitt has shown his resentment of camera phones when it comes to fans showing their appreciation.

In an interview with The Sun, the actor explained how it has been a struggle to get used to the selfie culture getting in the way of the art of basic conversation.

Describing camera phones as “the bane of my life,” he said: “People don’t care who you are or what you do. They know you’re a ‘celebrity’ and they just want a f***ing photo so they can get it out there.

“They don’t want to chat or anything.”

A selfie with football fans (Brian Lawless/PA)

But he added that most people are “nice” on the whole and admitted that having people compliment you in the street isn’t too bad a price to pay for fame.

Camera phones aren’t the only gripe he has had during his most recent work, which includes Sky 1′s latest Lucky Man series.

He added that one of his biggest regrets was that more attention was not paid to BBC miniseries Jekyll in 2007, in which he took on the role of Tom Jackman, the troubled descendant of the famous Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde.

Blaming choices in broadcast timing, he said: “I hate that, sometimes, creative decisions are made by not-very-creative people, but there you are.”

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