James Corden rules out quitting A League of Their Own despite success in America

A League Of Their Own host James Corden has ruled out quitting the show despite his rising profile in the US.

The London-born star has become a mainstream success in the States with hit programme The Late Late Show.

James has particularly captured the attention of American audiences with the show’s Carpool Karaoke segment, where he is joined by a different celebrity each week for a car-based singalong.

The Gavin And Stacey actor returns to British television on Thursday with Sky’s A League Of Their Own – which is now entering its 11th series.

He said: “When I got offered the show in America, the first thing I said was I have this show in the UK that I love doing and as long as I’m doing the show in America, I’d love to keep doing this show.

“I think it’s an absolute luxury to do something I love, I’m rewarded for and this show has been incredible to me and all of us and I’m proud of the show.”

And James said he thinks the show’s success is down to the “camaraderie” between himself, Jack Whitehall, Freddie Flintoff and Jamie Redknapp.

“I really enjoy coming to work with them every day here, and I really enjoy the camaraderie of it.

“The show at home is an hour a day and you don’t often know quite what you’re going to be saying. Whereas this show is prepped a long time in advance.

“As it’s gone on and on, the show is the four of us and our chemistry and camaraderie, which I think is the thing that makes people keep watching.”

Asked if he found committing to the show difficult following his success in the US, James said: “I would never want to not be part of that. I’d be really sad to not go to work with these three, so I will never stop doing that.

“Someone picks us up in a car and we come here and someone gets us some lunch and we do the show. I consider it a privilege to be tired.”

James is hoping the latest series tops its predecessor, which was the programme’s highest rated yet, and revealed it would not hold back despite Freddie taking a bash on the head during its last run.

“We did an archery challenge, where I think it was the first time health and safety were like, ‘Oh my god, we’ve given them real arrows’. You get a very serious briefing beforehand saying ‘This is really serious guys’ and then immediately I think all four of us revert to being children.

“We did a thing where Fred and Jamie are hoisted up 30ft in the air and had to knock each other off a beam, with no harnesses on! But you sort of go ‘oh, okay, yeah!’. And you don’t really think this is incredibly dangerous and ridiculous.”

The 11th series of A League Of Their Own returns on Thursday September 22.

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