It's official: Harry Shotta's Animal recognised in Guinness World Records, beating Eminem

When Harry Shotta came out with Animal it was immediately obvious something special had happened.

The MC laid down 1,771 words on the beat, breaking a record set by Eminem’s Rap God.

That record has now been officially confirmed with recognition in the book of Guinness World Records.

The boundary-breaking track has racked up well over a million views on SBTV’s YouTube, and the recognition Harry received also owes a lot to drum & bass website UKF.

“It all came from a bit of a jokey conversation,” Phantasy, the DJ and producer responsible for Animal’s gritty sound, told SBTV News. “It started as a normal three-and-a-half minute radio record, but me and Harry are always trying to push the boundaries. Harry jokingly said ‘can you imagine if we extended it to six minutes and broke the world record?’”

The rest is history, but in a sense that was just the start. They contacted Guinness to inform them of what they’d just achieved, and the record arbitrators kept in contact with the duo, who together with Dextone form The Harry Shotta Show. They knew the record had been broken, but couldn’t officially say anything until the annual came out.

“The whole idea is to push the art of MCing and UK rappers. They have to recognise when people like Skepta are taking the world by storm, Harry’s breaking world records and Stormzy is selling out shows in Japan,” said Phantasy.

They didn’t stop there though. Animal started a debate, and Harry answered the critics and addressed complaints about there being no chorus on the follow-up, Watching Me Now.

This gained further recognition with the award for Best Video at the Drum & Bass Awards.

To cap an incredible few years The Harry Shotta Show are putting out an album on September 30, capitalising on this moment, through their own label Showtime Music. Featuring the likes of Scrufizzer, Stormin, Flirta D and Harvey So Solid, it will be an incredible representation of UK talent. You can pre-order that here.

“Eminem is a legend, you have to take your hat off to an artist like that. But we’re trying to push boundaries and to be recognised for this is something special,” were Phantasy’s last words on the matter.

Congratulations Harry!

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