Heather Mills won't marry again after Paul McCartney divorce trauma

Heather Mills has said that while she is looking for love, she’d never make the mistake of being tied into a marriage again.

The star went through a high-profile divorce from Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and reckoned that the experience had scared her off another wedding.

She said: “I’m very open to falling in love, but I’d never get married again. In my mind that’s a legal document that causes a lot of hassle!

“A lot of my friends are not brave enough to get out of bad relationships because they don’t want to be alone, but I’d rather be alone than lonely in a relationship.

“Really, I’m looking for someone who could match me, but my friends who’ve known me forever say there’s no such man on the planet.”

Heather added: “In the past I’ve always gone for strong, powerful men, but often they’re the most insecure people on the planet.

“Men think they want a strong woman with an opinion until they have one and then they don’t want to hear their views or the truth. They want you in a gilded cage, tied to the kitchen sink and to perform as a trophy wife, but that’s just not me.”

Despite having a prosthetic leg – she lost her own leg when she was run over by a police motorbike shortly after returning to the UK following charity work abroad 22 years ago – Heather has become skilled at winter sports, taking part in TV reality shows including The Jump and Dancing On Ice.

She said: “Skiing makes me feel stable, fluid and weightless. That feeling’s priceless when you have a prosthetic leg and have to think about every step you take, and frankly, it’s a rare man that can give you the same thrill that going down a mountain at more than 100mph can.

“When people say ‘skiing is so dangerous – you’re taking so many risks’ I remind them I’d just returned from the war in Croatia and crossed a road in England when I lost my leg in an accident, so frankly I don’t think you can worry about what might happen. Broken bones can always heal.”

Heather Mills is launching her VBites range of vegan food across the UK with Holland & Barrett. The range is in more than 500 stores. Visit www.hollandandbarrett.com

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