Glass Animals cancel tour after drummer is seriously injured in Dublin bike accident

English Indie band Glass Animals have have cancelled all their tour dates for the remainder of 2018 after drummer Joe Seaward was seriously injured in a road accident in Dublin.

Taking to social media, the band explained in a lengthy post that the musician was hit by a truck while on his bike.

They wrote: “Last Monday my best friend, and our drummer Joe was hit by a truck while on his bike here in Dublin. His leg was broken on impact and he became tangled in the truck’s trailer where his skull suffered a complex fracture.

“Miraculously and thankfully,” it continues, “he is alive. After a couple [of] long operations he is now on the road to recovery.

The news comes after the immediate cancellation of three festival shows last week, presumably after the incident occurred.

The post continued: “The neurosurgery consisted of reshaping part of his skull that had collapsed and been compressed into the brain by the weight of the truck’s trailer.

“The operation was successful, but the collapsed skull had bruised and damaged the area of the brain responsible for speech. Initially, Joe was only able to get out one word… ‘I’… But each day, he is finding more”

They are currently not aware whether or not any other parts of Joe’s brain have been seriously damaged and that he has movement in his toes and fingers which they believe “is a promising sign”.

They went on to say that he’s still laughing at jokes and wants to be woken up when the World Cup is on.

Referring to the upcoming cancelled concerts they said: “I wish more than anything that this accident hadn’t happened and that Joe was ok and that we would still be coming to hang with you all

“but life has thrown something horribly sad and unexpected at us, and we need to do everything in our power to conquer it and get Joe back on his feet.

“I sincerely hope you understand. We will be back as soon as we can, and stronger than ever”

Twitter account, @IBIKEDublin, a comunity of people you strive to seek safer cycling conditions for all, have replied to the tweet.

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