Galway man Gavan Hennigan talks about his next rowing adventure: New York to Galway Bay

Galway man Gavan Hennigan managed to inspire a number of Irish people watching the Late Late tonight with his turbulent life story.

From taking drugs and drinking at the age of 15 to ending up on the run in London, sleeping on a mattress in a grotty flat, not knowing if it was day or night with no leaving cert and not being able to drive.

“I was fully addicted, I was powerless, over drugs, but my mother there really helped me, she had been through a lot of it with my father so I did get into a rehad early on and I ewas very lucky not to slip through the cracks.”

After rehab, Gavan said he was left feeling pretty raw and vulnerable and tried to take his own life.

“Take away the alcohol and drugs and left with the wreakage of yourself....

I thought I wanted to take my own life because I hated life, but it was actually the flip-side. I loved life.”

Gavan went on to say he is sahring his story because he feels he has a responsibility to young people today.

Gavan then went travelling the world, filling three passports, and working in the most dangerous job in the world: a deep sea diver in the North Sea.

After being made redundent, the determined young man then decided to spend his life savings on a boat and row across the Atlantic.

“I wanted to take a gamble on my life.”

Arriving in a huge reception with people roaring and shouting wearing sexy men's Irish underwear was an amazing experience for Gavan.

And after being on a boat for 50 days, Gavan has decided to plan his next adventure, this time, taking on the North Atlantic rowing from New York to Galway Bay on June 1.

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