'Fun and feisty' Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's memorable moments in the public eye

TV presenter Piers Morgan has paid tribute to socialite Tara Palmer-Tomkinson, describing her as a “fun, feisty woman who battled many demons”, following her death aged 45.

Palmer-Tomkinson was known not only for the social circles she moved in, but also for the many times she grabbed headlines.

Here are some stand-out moments from her time in the spotlight:

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (Chris Radburn/PA)

:: She was one of the 12 celebrities set to appear in the first series of Channel 4 show The Jump in 2014.

But she dropped out shortly after telling Radio Times that she felt “under a lot of pressure” and was “not comfortable” with being the favourite to win.

Her father, Charles, is a former British Olympic skier.

The Palmer-Tomkinson family (Ron Bell/PA)

:: She turned heads when she announced she was launching a pop career in 2011.

The former “It girl” said she had secretly recorded a dance album and confessed she was “a rock chick at heart”.

The album, Flawed, was released in 2012, but a performance of her single on ITV’s Loose Women attracted fierce criticism.

:: In 2014, she gave an emotional interview during ITV’s Jeremy Kyle: The Celebrity Specials.

She told Jeremy about nearly dying from an overdose and spoke about rehab, explaining why she had made a return visit, even though she had been drug-free for some 11 years.

She told him: “I went back to rehab two years ago but nobody actually knows why I went back.

“The reasons I went were private, the reasons I went were that I believed that I was having a nervous breakdown because I was so frightened of this British press, of these paparazzi who went through my rubbish, who led me to believe that every chimney sound or thunderstorm was a paparazzi attack and I couldn’t deal with it and I still can’t deal with it.

“Most people think that when you relapse that you have to take a substance. I have seen a therapist every single week for the last 11 years of my life, I don’t need to relapse on a substance. I can relapse and it just means my brain is overdosing into a way that I just can’t cope and you know what, I may not be perfect but parts of me are awesome!”

Recalling her lowest point during her battle with cocaine addiction, she said: “I remember timing my heart because I knew it was going to stop and I remember my telephone was [a few metres away]… I remember crawling on my hands and knees to pick up the phone and call… and then I woke up in hospital.”

“I think that was the night I had an overdose. I have never attempted suicide… I think it was a cry for help.”

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (Steve Parsons/PA)

:: In December 2014, she was cautioned by police at Heathrow airport after a disturbance. She was arrested by officers following her reaction to being refused access to a first-class airport lounge, reports said.

Video footage filmed by a witness showed her sobbing, swearing and tearing out her hair extensions during the incident, The Sun reported.

Following her arrest, she told the newspaper that a panic attack triggered her behaviour.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (Joel Ryan/PA)

:: During an interview with the Press Association last year, while promoting her fashion line Desiderata, she spoke about having regrets.

She said: “I definitely have regrets. I wish I had never touched half the stuff… But in the same way, I’m not going to sit there and feel ashamed for what I did, because I have had a life! I might be 44, but I was at so many different parties in so many different countries, I haven’t slept for 20 years!

“The things that mattered to me a long time ago don’t matter any more. What matters to me now is health. Because I’ve paid a price for my health, and I wish I had given up cigarettes a long time ago… I’ve always been very health-conscious, but when you’re 44, you don’t wake up looking the same way.”

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