'Fourth member' of Crystal Swing on the way as Dervla reveals baby news

'Fourth member' of Crystal Swing on the way as Dervla reveals baby news

Crystal Swing are preparing to welcome a fourth band member following some happy news from its youngest performer Dervla Burke.

The 24-year-old singer, who shot to fame with her brother Derek and mum Mary back in 2010, was thrilled to announce she is expecting a baby with husband Tim in January.

Her announcement comes less than a year after their wedding which they celebrated in Midleton Park Hotel.

“When I saw that the test was positive I couldn’t keep it to myself,” she said.

“Tim was working on the farm at the time but I ran out straight away and said there was something I needed to tell him.

“He was shocked at first but a good kind of shocked. It was something we both really wanted.

“I must have done about 10 tests after that just to be sure but we didn’t announce the pregnancy until I had confirmation from a doctor.”

Dervla relived the day she revealed the news to mum Mary.

“I’ll never forget the day I told my mum. We were getting ready to play for a wedding. She was having a bad day and feeling really down. However, she burst into tears of joy after I told her.

“She really loves the idea of being a grandmother. We were out and spotted pink and blue train sets. She wanted to buy them both and I had to remind her that the baby isn’t even here yet.”

Big brother Derek is delighted at the thought of becoming an uncle.

“He’s really looking forward to being an uncle. Derek’s already calling the child ‘Baby Swing’ and it’s starting to stick. I’m just hoping the baby won’t grow up with that nickname!”

She hopes that stories from her whirlwind music career will make for some riveting bedtime stories.

“We’ve done so much I’m almost like an old lady with all the stories I have to tell. They might not be too impressed. At the end of the day I’ll probably end up just embarrassing him/her like any other mum,” she laughed.

Dervla hopes that the child will inherit her musical talents.

“I see how happy it makes my mum when she’s watching the two of us singing. I’m hoping that this child will have the musical gene so I can experience that same feeling some day. It would be wonderful to have my child on stage with me.

“Tim, on the other hand, is very sporty so he’s hoping baby will get the sporty gene. We’re very different in that respect.”

2017 will be a year to remember for Dervla and the team.

“Christmas is my favourite time of year and I couldn’t think of a better belated Christmas present.

“I plan to perform in gigs right up until Christmas but after that motherhood will take priority in my life.”

This story first appeared in the Evening Echo newspaper.

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