First Dates' Fred says he has become an agony aunt

First Dates star Fred Sirieix has said fans of the show solicit him for advice about romantic quandaries, including whether or not to propose or whether to introduce a third person into a relationship.

The maitre d’, who has won scores of admirers for his role in the Channel 4 dating show, said he is now treated as an agony aunt by people facing personal dilemmas.

He said: “I have learned even more about the uncertainty of love. There is no certainty. I think it’s fascinating and it will keep me guessing forever.

“People do ask me for advice and they ask me all sorts.

“It’s quite interesting to hear what people have to say. I’m not an expert, I’m not a trained professional or specialist, I just have an opinion on things and I’m very happy to volunteer it.

“It’s fascinating to hear what people have to say. They ask if they should propose or not. If they are married, maybe they ask whether they should introduced a third person in their marriage, all sorts.

“You name it and they say it. They are big questions, but my advice is between me and them.”

Fred said he feels like David Attenborough because the show is so similar to a nature programme in the way it observes human behaviour.

He said: “The programme is hardly edited. What you see is what you get.

“The people on the programme are having their date and it’s like a nature programme. I feel like David Attenborough sometimes because it’s like this nature programme where you are looking at how people are interacting with each other and it’s about much more than dating. It’s about all of us and it’s fascinating.”

The success of the First Dates restaurant has prompted a new venture, First Dates Hotel, where hopefuls looking for love will get to stay overnight in France and go on a second date if they hit it off.

However, while it may be set in a hotel, Fred has promised the show will not be “trashy” and will instead give participants more time to get to know their partner.

He said: “We are very clear about what we are and what we do. The reason why people love the show is because we have true integrity and what we want to do is put people together and get them to get on.

“We want them to match, the rest is up to them. We are not a trashy show, we are not here to film people in their bedroom, this is not what we are doing it for.

“We did it because we want to give people more time. We want you to get to know people a bit better. You get a sense when people get ready. It’s fascinating to see how people think and see what they do, but we are true to our values.”

Fred said he loves the programme so much he already sees the potential for more First Dates projects and hopes to be part of them for many years to come.

He sad: “10 years? 20? I don’t know how long it’s going to carry on for, but I think it’s a good show.

“I like to be part of it. What a privilege and how lucky, the part I’m playing. There is no other restaurant like it.

“There they come for one specific reason. They don’t come for food or the drinks or the service, they come to meet somebody to spend the rest of their lives with. Nobody else has a gig like that. I don’t want to let it go.”

:: First Dates Hotel begins on Channel 4 on January 2 at 10pm.

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