Fair City's Katy is finally out of her box - alongside Ciaran?

After 372 days of waiting, an online petition and a Mayo bus company offering to drive to Dublin to save her, Fair City's Katy is finally out of her box, writes Pam Ryan.

This week all Fair City fans - and haters - had been waiting for. They got to see Katy finally escape her prison and run away - but with her kidnapper Ciaran by her side.

And yet, actress Amilia Stewart already misses that tiny room.

"I actually really miss it," she told the Herald.

"I really, really miss doing the scenes in that box. The first week I got out and I was in the apartment [and filming] I found it so difficult to be working with other characters.

"I found it really difficult to jump back into that because I was so used to working only with Johnny [Ward]."

Inside Katy's cell - the full 360

The actress said she had no idea the storyline would last for over a year.

Timeline of Katy O’Brien’s disappearance:

  • May 8, 2016: Katy O’Brien disappears from Carrigstown.
  • Sept 2016: Viewers learn that Katy is being held captive.
  • Nov 8, 2016: Katy’s captor is revealed as Ciaran Holloway.
  • Nov 2016: Ciaran tries to release Katy. It doesn’t go to plan. She discovers it is him.
  • Dec 11, 2016: It becomes too much for Eoghan (Katy’s dad).
  • He tries to end it all on a roof but is talked down by Ciaran.

  • Jan 2017: Heather discovers Ciaran’s secret but she has a fall, which affects her memory.
  • April 2017: Farrah loses her and Ciaran’s baby after a fight with Emmet.
  • May 2017: Emmet comes face-to-face with Katy’s captor and is held captive himself.

However, she admits it was "draining" to film for so long in such a confined space.

"It was really draining, especially all those scenes in the same clothes, in that box."

She adds, "I kind of stopped wearing make-up [in her own life] because I was just so tired. I stopped going to the gym because I didn't feel very 'Katy in the box' after Zumba, so I just stopped going. You want to switch off, so bopping around TO Ed Sheeran is not ideal."

In preparation for the role, Amelia watched countless documentaries.

"I did a lot of research," she said. "As soon as I left last April, I started looking up and reading about hostage situations and kidnaps. I watched every Netflix documentary I could get my hands on."

It is unclear when the pair will return but Johnny Ward says that when he first auditioned for Ciaran, he thought he was auditioning for someone completely different.

He said he was told Ciaran was "just this happy-go-lucky mechanic who liked women and motorbikes."

Producers later admitted their real plans for the character but Johnny was told to keep everything to himself.

The RTÉ star admitted to the Irish Independent he was "excited" by his character's plot twist but also "intimidated".

In preparation for RTÉ's daring plot, Johnny said; "We used to meet up in each other's houses just to go through things, because we wanted to really nail it.

"One thing you don't really have in Fair City, which you'd like more of, is time.

"There's no time for error for any actor at all, especially with those big gruelling scenes towards the last three or four weeks."

Speaking about last night's episode and the shocking cliffhanger it ended on, the Dubliner was asked what really happened to Ciaran.

However, Johnny said: "From an audience point of view it's ambiguous and if I'm 100% honest I don't have a clue myself.

"Fingers crossed I can enjoy a break and if I'm dead that's what I'll do and if not, who knows, I might be in McCoy's next week having a pint."

Now, let's hear from you.


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