Even Australians are telling everyone to calm down over what Ant and Dec said

Surely, nobody REALLY thought that Ant and Dec’s little joke on I’m A Celebrity about what it’s like to be prime minister in Australia was REALLY a dig about the nature of our overseas chums.

For those who missed it, in Sunday night’s show Dec said: “As you know this job is about ruling over a group of uncouth layabouts who rarely wash and can barely light a fire”. To which Ant responded: “Basically it’s like being the Australian prime minister.

Initially, the comment sparked something of a rage among Australians, not least Queensland senator James McGrath.

But it seems that most fans of the show – including a lot of Australians – didn’t really see why it was such a big deal. Even when Piers Morgan tweeted about it…

After all, Ant and Dec making a joke on TV? Um…shocking?

Besides, surely the best way to fight an offensive joke, is with another joke…

After all, it’s not like us Brits haven’t had our fair share of mickey taken in our time…

Responding to the whole hoorah, a source from the show, where Ant and Dec work and play pretty closely with the Australian filming crew on a daily basis every year, said: “The comment was made in jest to the Australian crew in a light-hearted tone that viewers would recognise as being a long established part of the past 15 years of IAC and was delivered in that spirit.”

And it looks like even the senator chilled out a bit, when he appeared on Good Morning Britain hours later, publicly inviting the pair for a drink with the country’s political bigwigs.

James told the show: “It is great for Australia, we love the fact that I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! is filmed in Queensland in Australia – we want you to keep coming back.

“In fact, I’d like to offer to Ant & Dec, and to the winner, that when it’s all over, to come down to Parliament House in Canberra and I’ll shout them lunch or dinner and a few rum and cokes.”

Now THAT is a party we’d love an invite to!

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