Doors swing open for Big Brother housemates

The doors of the Big Brother house swung open this evening for a new batch of housemates.

Presenter Davina McCall once again presided over the events and gave viewers a tour of the house before contestants arrived.

Early friction could be caused by the two bedroom set up in this year’s show. One bedroom is luxuriously fitted with plush beds, the other dormitory-style room has inch-thick mattresses and a stark interior.

This year contestants will need to buy tokens from their weekly shopping allowance for luxuries like hot water and electricity for their curling tongs and hair dryers.

According to McCall this year: “Big Brother means business.”

A sign of this is the house jail for contestants who step out of line; for example, those who smoke outside the designated smoking area in the garden.

First to enter the house were Warrington couple Shaun, 42, and Lisa, 40.

Shaun, who calls himself Mario the Italian Stallion, once sold a Rolex watch to pay for a boob job for Lisa.

Lisa is a beauty and tanning sales rep.

On entering the house, Shaun said: “Let’s raid the fridge.”

Next in was Luke, 20, who said he wants to change the image of the modern student.

He said he likes to wear suits, is not desperate for fame and finds it hard to talk to women because they think he is gay.

Luke confessed he might be bad in bed and referred to the missionary position as the military position.

Luke, who does not believe in swearing and gossiping, entered the house with the crowd booing him – he returned the boos before entering.

As he entered Luke said: “Well I didn’t have a heart attack.”

Fourth contestant in was Stephanie, 19, from Liverpool.

Stephanie who first appeared on TV in 'Popstars: The Rivals' where she was kicked off after lying about her age.

She rates herself as 10 out of 10 for looks and wants to become the most famous contestant ever.

Likening her looks to Angelina Jolie and Britney Spears, she said she gets angry at people who think she has had a boob job.

Wearing a little black dress the blonde said the most significant moment in her life was her birth.

Shortly after entering Big Brother summoned the first four contestants into the diary room where they were told about the first secret mission.

Real-life couple Mario and Lisa were told that from that moment on they were no longer a couple.

Instead Mario and Stephanie were instructed that they had to pretend that they are a couple. Lisa was told that she must pretend she had only met Mario for the first time that evening.

If the group succeed in their challenge they were told they would be immune from the first eviction.

Big Brother quipped: “Stephanie, you make a lovely couple.”

Before the next housemate arrived the four made hasty plans as to how they might fool the others.

McCall said: “Lisa looked so annoyed and wouldn’t you be? That girl is fit.”

The fifth contestant into the house, and the first to put the couple's cover story to the test was Rachel, 24.

Rachel says she is annoying and she does not care because she has a chatty, happy, energetic personality.

Rachel told audiences she is proud of her bum and proud to be a curvy girl, having gone from size 16 to a size eight.

The brunette has acted all her life and has starred in a film with Hugh Grant.

The animal-lover from Wales got plenty of cheers from the crowd, leading McCall to comment: “They love her, they’re not booing.”

Other housemates told her she looked like Demi Moore.

Stephanie did not suspect the lying couple and said: “All the other boys are going to be so jealous, because you’re hot.”

Sixth in was Dale, 21, from Liverpool, who was a former Manchester United youth trialist.

The PE teacher confessed he cannot stand children and will not see them again if he wins Big Brother.

Dale, who was heavily booed, rates himself 10 out of 10 for looks but only four out of 10 for honesty and generosity.

Dale’s perfect date is model Abbie Clancy and he once worked in a garlic factory.

McCall joked: “How gutted will Stephanie be when she sees the fit bloke. Dale said he fancied Abbie Clancy and who does Steph look like?”

Next in was Sylvia, 21, originally from Sierra Leone but now living in south London.

Sylvia says she will not let her past affect her. She says that some people think she is moody but that is their problem.

She says she is not argumentative but that she does have a sharp tongue.

The practising Christian says religion plays a big part in her life and rates her boobs as her best feature.

Walking into the house she said: “Oh my God!”

Eighth contestant was dance student Dennis, 23, from Edinburgh, who says he wants to be accepted all the time.

Dennis says if somebody wants to argue with him then it would be great because “it’ll be the last argument they ever have.”

Dennis stated that the reason he is doing Big Brother is to massage his own ego.

Wearing a feather sparkly hat, Dennis literally pranced into the house.

The ninth contestant to enter the house was Michael, 33, from Ayrshire and the first blind housemate.

Speaking about his disability Michael, who calls himself Mikey, said he doesn’t like to play the blind card.

Michael, who performs stand up comedy wearing women’s clothes, lived in Denmark for a year and speaks Danish. He said loud noises would make him want to leave the house.

Using a stick and with the help of an assistant, Michael made his way into the Big Brother house.

Michael told fellow Scot, Dennis, that: “We’ll get on fine.”

Next in was non-practising Muslim Alexandra, 23, from Croydon.

A single mother, she said if she goes on about herself it is because “you’re boring.”

Crowds booed and chanted: “Who are you?” to Alexandra as she struck poses on the steps of the house.

A self-confessed natural leader, Alexandra said on entering the house: “That was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was going to be”.

Eleventh housemate, Rex, 24, from London said he was chucked out of eleven different schools as a youngster.

The Executive Chef described himself as like a magpie: “If it doesn’t sparkle I’m not interested.”

Rex, who says he is secretly shy, showed no signs of bashfulness as he posed on the steps.

Rex said his job is to be a professional bully.

The next housemate, Mohamed, 23, from London introduced himself to TV audiences by saying: “Not everybody called Mohamed is a terrorist.”

Originally from Somalia before moving to the UK, he said that at school he was called an “illegal immigrant”.

Islamic, but not practising, Mohamed confessed to eating pork, drinking and having sex.

Squealing, as he made his way down the steps, he told housemates he was shaking when he made his introductions.

Thirteenth housemate Rebecca, 21, a nursery nurse from Coventry, said she does not think before she speaks.

She confessed to audiences that people think she is like Vicky Pollard and is rubbish with boys, but that she “loves being me”.

Rating herself as an eight for intelligence, she recently camped out for 21 hours to watch Take That on their latest tour.

After bending over on her entrance into the house Davina McCall said: “She’s just given everybody an eyeful of her underwear. She’s a hit with the crowd.”

Once inside the house an overwhelmed Rebecca made her way straight to the drinks and struggled to breathe through her excitement.

Fourteenth into the Big Brother house was Darnell, 26, from London, a song writer.

Describing himself to audiences as: “too black for the white kids and too white for the black kids”.

Darnell said in a world where people are tall, dark and handsome he is super conscious.

Albino Darnell confessed he used to get into trouble and has been arrested five times.

Darnell entered carrying an American football, which he threw into the crowd, and a trophy.

“Self-conscious” Darnell was born in Ipswich but lived for a time in St Louis, USA before moving back to London; but he says he is 100% British.

Next in was Jennifer, 22, a part-time model and mother from Durham.

She says she feels like she is forty despite her young age.

The Roman Catholic, who believes she is psychic, has strong opinions on illegal immigrants and meat eaters.

Described as a Cheryl Cole lookalike, Jennifer says she always gets her own way and has a phobia of tomato soup.

The final contestant is cookie-obsessive Kathreya, 30, a massage therapist originally from Thailand.

She confessed that people often think she is taking drugs because she dances so much and is hyper-active, possibly from all the sugar in the cookies she eats.

The techno-music-loving Buddhist wore a pink outfit with gold platform shoes which made ascending and descending the stairs difficult.

She says her mouth is her best feature because it never stops smiling.

Presenter Davina McCall described her as a “five foot cookie monster”.

In one final twist to the night’s events McCall announced that Mario and Stephanie, the pair pretending to other housemates they are a couple, will be told they are to be married live on air.

The faux-couple will not be told by Big Brother that it is, in fact, a sham wedding.

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