Corrie's Gail to discover fake pregnancy

Corrie's Gail to discover fake pregnancy

'Coronation Street's Gail Platt is to discover that Natasha Blakeman is not really pregnant.

Rachel Leskovac - who plays the blonde hairdresser in the ITV1 soap - has revealed her relationship with Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) will come to an end when his medical receptionist mother (Helen Worth) illegally accesses her medical records to reveal she is not actually pregnant.

She said: "Gail decides to access Natasha's medical records. Sure enough, she sees that Natasha has had a termination and is lying about being pregnant - and the next thing you know, she's confronting her about it.

"Natasha's first reaction is to deny all knowledge. But you can't mess with Gail, so she then admits everything."

The actress - who has now left the soap - explained her character becomes convinced everyone hates her after the truth comes out, and decides the only way out is to take an overdose.

She added to Inside Soap magazine: "Nick's full of shock and dismay. She tries to explain - it all makes sense in her mind, why she had to do what she did. But he throws her out and tells Natasha that he wants nothing more to do with her. She's absolutely crushed.

"She has nothing left to live for. She really hates herself - and now everyone else hates her, too. She couldn't be any lower, so she decides to end it all by taking an overdose."

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