Coleen Nolan reveals the effect Celebrity Big Brother has had on her marriage

Celebrity Big Brother winner Coleen Nolan has said her time in the reality show house has spurred her on to fight for her marriage.

The Loose Women star has previously said she felt she has lost the connection she once shared with her musician husband Ray Fensome.

Coleen leaving the CBB house (Ian West/PA)

The couple married in 2007 but have been together for almost 17 years and the former singer, 51, said her time on the show made her realise how much she missed him.

She told the Loose Women panel: “If Big Brother was good in any way it was good for that.

Coleen Nolan (Ian West/PA)

“Leading up to going into Big Brother, part of me thought ‘I can’t wait to go in because I need a break’. But actually when I was in there there were so many times when I thought ‘God I really miss him’ or ‘If he had been here he would have really laughed at that, or me and him would have laughed at that’ and that was a lovely feeling because that is one of the feelings I think I had lost before I went in.”

She added: “When I was in Big Brother I got that feeling again of ‘I miss him’.

(Ian West/PA)

Coleen said the couple have not spoken since she left the house on Friday because Ray is working in America. But she added: “We have texted each other and he sent me a text saying ‘I’ve just watched you win online and I’m so proud of you’ and that was lovely. But we haven’t actually picked up the phone to speak to each other because I don’t want to do it on the phone.

“I don’t want to ruin his time in America because he’s having the time of his life and we have got plenty of time to talk about it when he gets home.”

(Ian West/PA)

The TV star said Big Brother has renewed her hope that their relationship can survive. She told the ITV chat show: “I had forgotten I had those feelings so to actually have moments in the house where I felt them again was such a lovely thing and I thought ‘There is hope that they are still there, we have just lost a connection’.

“I will fight for it until there is no fight left in me.”

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