CBB's Kim Woodburn clashes with 'phoney' Phillip Schofield on This Morning

Celebrity Big Brother star Kim Woodburn called Phillip Schofield a “phoney” during a heated discussion on This Morning.

Kim, 74, became involved in several arguments with her co-stars during her time in the house, including one with footballer Jamie O’Hara which saw her forced to sleep in a separate room after being removed by a member of security.

The How Clean Is Your House? star said she felt bullied by her co-stars while in the TV lock-up after entering the house on the 11th day of the series.

Kim Woodburn on This Morning (ITV/grab)

She said she is a “very polite” person, although she would “crucify” anyone who caused trouble for her.

Kim told the ITV show’s hosts Phillip and Holly Willoughby: “When you go in late, apparently, you’re in for a bit of a wallop anyway, because lateness – they don’t like that.”

Phillip, a self-professed fan of CBB who “watched every frame of the series”, asked why her fellow late arrivals Chloe Ferry and Jessica Cunningham were not treated the same way as Kim.

She said: “They weren’t people that wanted to say a word out of place, they wanted to put up with it – I don’t put up with it. You see Phillip you were not in there, I know what I went through. I went through hell.”

Holly asked why Kim did not leave the house, to which she replied: “Why should I lose a massive sum of money for those bums?”

Phillip questioned Kim about the sum of money she was offered to take part in the series.

She said: “It’s nothing to do with you Phil, is it? What are they paying you? Don’t be naughty.”

Kim Woodburn (ITV/grab)

Phillip then suggested that Kim, who came third behind runners-up Jedward and winner Coleen Nolan in Friday night’s finale, might have formed stronger relationships in the Big Brother house if she had “just been nicer”.

Visibly riled, Kim said: “I think I’m a nice person. I’d like you to have a word with all the crew I’ve ever worked with, and these people in the studio, I’m very, very polite.”

She then described her housemate Nicola McLean – with whom she had a several rows on the Channel 5 reality show – as a bully who had influenced “seven or eight” of the other CBB stars.

Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby (ITV/grab)

“I don’t want to be bossed round by that stupid woman,” she said.

“I came in, I was employed by Channel 5, I said to (them) if you put me in there I never look for trouble, I do not look for trouble Phil.

“You bring it to me I’ll crucify you. Don’t bring it to me. I’m a very polite lady, I’m very grateful for what I made on television and I think it’s important to have massive manners, but with those pigs in there you couldn’t.”

Kim said Phillip should have “stayed neutral” throughout her appearance on This Morning and that he was trying to blame her for the arguments in the house.

When he said he was “only asking questions”, she said: “Is that how you do it? Holly hasn’t said a word that I take offence to … You big phoney.”

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