Binky Felstead talks motherhood, marriage and baby tips

Binky Felstead talks motherhood, marriage and baby tips

Binky Felstead talks motherhood, marriage and baby tips

Alexandra Felstead, or Binky as everyone knows her, is best known for her bubbly personality on reality TV show Made In Chelsea. In May, she took to Instagram to tell fans that her time on the show “had come to a natural end seeing as the next big (grown up) chapter” of her life was about to begin.

The reason for this? The birth of her daughter India. Binky won’t be shying away from the spotlight, however. In two raw and emotional episodes of Born In Chelsea, she candidly and honestly showed the reality of having a baby. People loved the episodes and she tells me that “a lot of people have been asking me when it is back on again, I’ve had so much interest”, so we could be expecting a Made In Chelsea spin off soon.

As well as working on Born In Chelsea and looking after India, Binky has jumped straight back into work. The 27-year-old has just launched her new baby and children clothes line ‘With Love From Binky’ for My 1st Years, a project she is very excited about. It’s been “really cool! Really fun!” she gushes.

The With Love From Binky Collection, from (Emma Tunbridge/PA)
The With Love From Binky Collection, from (Emma Tunbridge/PA)

Binky, who admits she would love to have more kids (“I’m one of three, so it is what I’m used to”), is chatting whilst cradling India, apologising as she makes gurgling noises. “She has just woken up,” Binky explains. “Will you sleep a bit longer for Mummy?” Miraculously, India complies.

When I ask how she manages to juggle it all, she laughs: “To have a happy baby, you have to be a happy mummy. Going to the gym, getting my head into gear and focusing on me is good.”

Did she feel pressure to get into such good shape so quickly? “You haven’t seen me naked,” she quips. “It was just more for myself really. I wanted to get back in the gym for my own health. I love getting in the gym and getting a sweat on.”


Feeling great and back training with the one and only …. The best … @bethefittest! ???? So I saw a post natal specialist (I recommend this highly to all new mummies wanting to know how to get their body's / muscles/ joints working properly again, and most importantly .. What's doing on down there!!!! … ???? Before getting fully back into training .. ) – – All is looking glory and I got the go ahead to get back to normal training and do some higher intensity exercise 1 or 2 x a week and workout the way i love to but still being careful and listening to my body… and the rest stick to my running and weights. I'm slowly starting to feel myself again which is so exciting. All dressed in @reebokwomenuk @reebokuk ???????? #fitness #health #inspiration #fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspiration #girlswhotrain #girlswithmuscle #fit #sixpacks #fitnessjourney #fitfam #gym #workout #exercise #squats #fitnessaddict #beastmodeon #sixpack #binkyfit #bethefittest #abs #trainlikeanangel #fatloss #situps #fitmom #fitmum #weightlossjourney

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If someone was paying her to be the new face of modern motherhood, she couldn’t be doing a better job. The night before we speak, she’d been partying at The Ivy, Covent Garden at an event by This is Mothership and Revlon. She’d left India in the care of her on-off Made In Chelsea boyfriend and India’s dad Josh JP Patterson, who chose to make a pillow fort with her.

“I was very cross with him for that,” she says with a laugh. “He’s very funny with her, he treats her like a toddler and she’s only three months.” She assures me that everything was tidy when she got home although “the table was a bit out of place”.


Mummy can you come home now? Daddy's lost the plot. #ourfirstden #firstofmany #daddysden #mummysnewpillows #ourneverland #daddysintrouble #littleone #nevertooyoung #?? #bedtime

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The couple seem very much ‘on’ now. He’s moved in with Binky and she coyly admits “one day [marriage] is on the cards”. So, things are better then?

“Things have been amazing for ages,” she promises. Viewers of Made In Chelsea and Born In Chelsea will know this is not, strictly speaking, true. Her relationship has been painstakingly documented, and we’ve seen Binky cheat and discover she was pregnant when separated from Josh.

The young couple do now seem genuinely happy and stable though. “Having India really calmed us both down,” she explains. “All the little things we used to worry about aren’t apparent anymore. It’s just fitted into place like it was always meant to, which is really nice. We’re really happy.”


Couldn't be happier and more grateful with the feedback from our show tonight #borninchelsea – thank you all so so much for your love and support, you have no idea what it means ?? love Me, Josh & India Elizabeth ??

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Things may be better now, but how does she feel about India watching her mum and dad’s less salubrious past? “Well, she is going to be brought up to know that that is normal. It is a very normal relationship that JP and I have had, it has just been on camera, but you know, it’s normal.”

One has to wonder how Binky is so grounded, and for that she thanks her mum. “I don’t know what I would do without my mum. I’m very lucky to have my mummy there. She wants to have India all night every night and I’m like, ‘No’.”


Finally here! The most delicious little person, and the lead up to her birth – and how I could have missed it! #guilt! @beyondfabulous_jf

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One thing is for sure, if India grows up to be anything like her mum and grandma, we have a lot more hilarious TV to look forward to.

Binky’s top baby tips…

1. Baby clothes should be clean, classy and simple

“You don’t really need anything garish because babies are beautiful.”

2. Ease yourself back into exercise

“Slowly, carefully, safely. You have to be very careful getting back into exercise after having a baby.”

3. Do what comes naturally

“Don’t listen to too much advice, go with your gut. It comes naturally, just enjoy it.”

4. Ignore the scaremongers

“Babies aren’t made of glass.”

5. They cry for a reason

“Nappies, they’re hungry, they want attention.”

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