Biel brings girl power to the A-Team

Biel brings girl power to the A-Team

Jessica Biel brought 'The A-Team' into the 21st century by bringing girl power to the gang, the cast agreed at the film’s London premiere.

The 'Easy Virtue' star, who is dating singer and actor Justin Timberlake, dazzled on the red carpet in a long, flowing, crimson gown as she signed autographs for fans at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square last night.

Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, who play Hannibal, Face, Murdock and B A Baracus in Joe Carnahan’s big screen remake of the cult TV show, arrived in an A-Team van to the sound of the well known theme tune.

Biel plays soldier Charisa Sosa in the film, who is part of the team, and revealed she thought it was “very important” for a woman to be a member.

She said: “The world is different now. Women can do anything and be anything and are as smart as anybody else.

“So I think if you’re going to do something different and make this a contemporary story that is just necessary.”

She added that the movie would appeal to both sexes.

Biel said: “Girls like seeing stuff getting blown up too, I know I do.

“There’s a female element that will draw in the women as well. I hope I created a female character other women can be proud of.”

Director Carnahan said: “Of course the modern A-Team needs a woman.

“It needs a very beautiful woman like Jessica Biel, who unfortunately I’m sure for most guys I didn’t put in a bikini. But I think Jessie’s such a good, sweet, funny, deeply talented actress, I thought we needed that feminine touch.”

Neeson agreed: “All movies need it.”

Stars of the original TV series Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz, who played Face and Murdock, have cameos in the film.

Carnahan said: “I thought it was a nice nod to the history and I thought it was nice for everybody.”

But Mr T, who played B A Baracus, refused to be involved.

Carnahan said: “T and I have spoken and I’ve showed him a lot of the movie and he was quoted completely out of context in a way I know was not right because T is not the kind of guy to go bad on anybody.

“I thought if we couldn’t use him in a really cool way it wasn’t worth it and I think his mind is he is so B A – who else is he going to play.”

Cooper and Copley said they were pleased to have their original characters involved and District 9 star Copley revealed he worked hard to get all the original surviving cast to cameo in the film, including Mr T.

Rampage admitted: “It would have been cool if he could have been involved. I’m disappointed (he was not).”

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