Author Patrick Ness brought all kinds of sassy to his Twitter takeover

A Monster Calls author Patrick Ness brought some serious sass to his Twitter takeover and some of his responses were truly priceless.

The writer, who also created the Doctor Who spin off series Class for BBC Three this year, took the wheel of WHSmith’s social media account to answer questions ahead of the launch of his new book, Release, next May.

But some of his fans got answers they probably didn’t expect.

Fan asks: “Will you write a book with zombies in it? Please? And maybe ninjas.”

Fan asks: “What do you do when you are annoyed to calm yourself?”

Some of them may have been pleased about the hint that he had ideas for turning some of his books into movies, after the success of his A Monster Calls adaptation this year. But we’re not quite sure how much we trust him now.

Fan asks: “Do you want to see any of your other novels become films or are you satisfied with A Monster Calls & Chaos Walking?”

Watching the bizarreness unfold, he was made aware of his “sassiness.” And he embraced it.

But there were moments of seriousness as he shared the inspiration behind his writing.

“Which character from anything you’ve written is most similar to you?”

“Do you ever feel completely satisfied with your work?”

“What inspired you to start writing?

“Was it more difficult to write A Monster Calls or adapting if for the screenplay?”

Sadly, however, it appeared nobody touched on the subject that would really have set him off. Shame.

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