Anthony Hopkins sent three dozen roses to Andrew Scott's mam

Anthony Hopkins is in the news today after speaking publicly about his estrangement from his daughter, Abigail.

“People break up. Families split and, you know, ‘Get on with your life’," he told the Radio Times.

"People make choices. I don’t care one way or the other.”

When told that comment sounds cold, he replied: “Well, it is cold. Because life is cold."

Ryan Tubridy was discussing the news on RTÉ Radio 1 when none other than Andrew Scott's mother text the show with a story about the veteran actor.

Nora Scott said that her experience of Anthony Hopkins was contrary to what was reported of him being cold in the media.

As far as I'm concerned, Anthony Hopkins is a sweetheart.

"Some months ago I had pneumonia and this week I received three dozen roses from him from Italy. My son had worked with him on King Lear and had mentioned that I was ill and my son said that he was lovely to work with and had a positive attitude to life.

"I was thrilled to get such a gift, for the kind thought which prompted it. Now that I have recovered, I can enjoy these exquisite roses which grace our hall."

Andrew Scott

She said she thinks there might have been more than 36 roses delivered to her home.

"They were so heavy she could hardly get up the steps of the house to deliver them and I certainly couldn't bring them upstairs. They're yellow and red, they're absolutely beautiful."

Nora said her son, who previously starred in BBC's Sherlock, described Hopkins as "a beautiful person" and his gesture towards her makes her think kindly of him.

"[Andrew] said he was just a beautiful person. When I heard you reading a report that he was cold or he behaved in a cold manner I thought that's not the impression that came across to me.

"It was a beautiful thing. And the little card that came with it saying 'be well, enjoy, sending hugs' that sort of thing."

Nora also revealed her husband, Jim, has often been mistaken for Anthony Hopkins in public, including when they were visiting America.

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