A bookseller has started tweeting the Harry Potter books line by line to Piers Morgan

A man has taken on the absolutely mammoth task of tweeting the whole of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone line by line to Piers Morgan.

He started with the book’s opening sentence.

He’s now on his 217th tweet of the 32,567 he has planned.

This comes after the Good Morning Britain presenter got involved in a dramatic Twitter beef with Potter author JK Rowling over the weekend.

She initially tweeted about how much she’d enjoyed seeing him derided on American TV in a debate about Donald Trump. The author hadn’t tagged him, but Piers is well-known for seeking out tweets that mention him on Twitter.

He responded saying he’d never read a word of Harry Potter.

Simon Key, who owns the Big Green Bookshop in North London, now aims to tweet the entire first book to the presenter.

He says Piers has only muted his account, not blocked him, so his tweets can still appear to Piers if they’re quote-tweeted by others.

Key told Sky News: “Obviously I’m sending it in bitesize chunks, which hopefully he’ll be able to cope with, rather than giving him the daunting process of reading a whole book.”

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