10 surprising tips from Tanya Burr's debut book 'Love Tanya'

Vlogger of the moment Tanya Burr has nearly 2.7 million subscribers worldwide to her YouTube channel – and now she has a book out too. 

Love Tanya is packed with skincare, hair and cosmetic tips, as well as things like dealing with anxiety, dressing for your shape, launching a vlog, and some added insight into the internet star’s personal life.

That’s the thing about Tanya. Her vlogs may have started off as make up tutorials in 2009 but as her fan base grew, so did her confidence on camera to share more and really be herself.

It turned out her subscribers loved hearing anecdotes about her day and snippets of her life outside the four corners of the YouTube screen, including her relationship with Jim Chapman.  It’s only natural then that her book should cover just about every aspect of the 25-year-old’s life.

Here are a few good tips from Love Tanya. 

1. Don’t overwash your hair.

Tanya says she only washes her hair every three days. “The less you wash and touch your hair, the less it breaks, and washing it all the time strips it of natural oils,” she says.

2. Comb wet hair rather than brushing.

“When your hair is wet it is weaker and more fragile and susceptible to breakage. Star by gently pressing the water out of your hair with a towel and then use a wide-tooth comb or a Tangle Teezer and work in sections, starting at the top of the hair and working up to the root,” Tanya suggests.

3. Get to know your skin with a facial. 

“If you’re unsure about what skin type you have or what might work for you, treat yourself to a facial. I’ve only ever had two facials in my lifetime but they were invaluable because I asked loads of questions and learned so much about my skin and the best products to use. A recommended facialist will give you all the recommendations you need to continue a good skincare routine at home.”

4. Do a face mask on the plane.

“Whether it’s a long car or train journey or a flight I’m on, I always try to go make-up-free so my skin can breathe. Flying in particular can really dry out yourself, so take your favourite hydrating face mask in your hand luggage,” she suggests. “If you’re meeting someone special at the other end of your journey, remove your face mask, then apply some tinted moisturiser, a slick of mascara and some lip gloss before you disembark and you’ll look fresh-faced and gorgeous.”

5. Make sure you store nail varnishes correctly.

“Always store your nail polishes in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight, as this can leave them discoloured. If you can, keep the bottles stored in an upright position because if they lie sideways it is harder to shake the pigments back together.”

6. Get your clothes tailored and customised.

“Recently I bought a Topshop skirt that I loved but it didn’t fit very well, so I took it to a local tailor. When she had finished with it, not only did it fit perfectly, it looked like a designer item! Customising your clothes can also be a way to have fun and express your creativity,” Tanya says, suggesting changing buttons on cardigans or adapting a pair of jeans into denim shorts.

7. If you lack confidence, find your fashion inspiration and style yourself on someone more confident. 

“Whether it’s a friend, someone you go to school or work with, or a celebrity, styling yourself on a more confident person will make you feel more optimistic. I used to always admire girls in the years above me at school and study their every move!” she says.

8. If you suffer from anxiety or stress try a calming technique like she does.

“My therapist taught me ‘the five Stages Of The Sea’. You can do it anywhere, even on the bus. Close your eyes and imagine a really stormy, wild sea at night, with thunder and lightning in the sky. Unsurprisingly, this image is really easy to conjure up when you’re feeling stressed. Then imagine the sea and sky starting to calm down, and at each stage, imagine it calming down more and more, until it’s dawn the next day and the sea is still, the sky is clear and bright and the only noise you hear is a seagull passing by,” Tanya says. “I always find that by this time, I feel much more calm and centred.”

9. If you’re feeling down, brainstorm. 

“If you’re unhappy with something in your life but can’t quite put your finger on why, sit down with a friend and talk to them about it. As you chat, write a list of areas in your life that you don’t feel totally satisfied with and ways you might be able to improve it. Issues like not being happy at work or with your housemates might arise, or it might be something as simple as not wanting to watch so much television. By writing it down, it will then become much clearer in your mind,” Tanya says.

10. If you’re a vlogging beginner, teach yourself how to edit.

“I taught myself how to edit videos on iMovie and how to take good pictures and have just got better as time’s gone on. Google is your best friend!”

Love Tanya, £12.99, is published by Penguin.

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