VIDEO: Proof why you shouldn't ask your friend to print off your boarding pass

Friends - what would life be without them?

They're always there when we need them the most, helping out where they can.

This is what Mayo man Padraic Holmes believed when he asked his friend Cian Mannion to print out his boarding pass for a 'pre-stag' trip to Hamburg.

Safe to say, Cian delivered ... but in typical best friend fashion.

Now, in Cian's defense, Padraic never told him how big he wanted the boarding pass so he's only got himself to blame.

Thankfully, Padriac saw the funny side of Cian's joke and the two did make it onto the plane.

Safe to say, this video will definitely help you get through that midweek slump.

We can only imagine what Cian would come up with for Padraic's wedding.

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