Someone turned Donald Trump’s tweets into an emo song and now they make sense

A handful of Donald Trump’s grumpiest tweets have been turned into an incredibly catchy emo song.

Super Deluxe cut together his stroppiest tweets since winning the election into a head-banging track.

“We noticed that Donald Trump’s tweets are basically the lyrics to an early 2000s emo song,” they said, “so we turned them into one”.

And you can see what they mean, what with all the cries of things being “very unfair”.

Of course “FAKE NEWS” features twice in the song, and his avatar has been given a makeover with a black mop of hair.

Their video also shows the tweets being typed by a teeny tiny hand.

Super Deluxe takes the mickey out of everyone equally, though.

They made the famed Hillary Clinton Meme Queen video, with an impersonator of Trump’s rival and a handful of the dankest memes of 2016.

Still, we can’t imagine Donald’s very happy about this new video.

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