A tourist got this picture of the Eiffel Tower and the internet is going crazy

Everyone is very familiar with the sight of the Eiffel Tower, so it was about time someone came up with a remix.

Thankfully, someone has. Jean-Philippe Dumais is a French-Canadian from Quebec who was in Paris recently, looking to take a picture of the famous landmark.

But Dumais was a little too close to the tower, which prompted some inspired panoramic improvisation.

“Even though the creation process came to me as an accident, the final product took me a lot of tries in perfecting a technique that was entirely new,” Dumais told the Press Association.

“I definitely felt that I was doing something that had never been done on purpose and I knew it had an enormous creative potential.”

Dumais’s picture didn’t do nearly as well on Instagram as it did on Reddit, where it received thousands of comments and even more upvotes.

“One thing I love about Reddit is the awesome humorous response to content,” said Dumais.

“Of course, the one Reddit user that said it looked like Dali’s work made me smile because I have lots of admiration for this artist.”

But apart from learning what makes for a good Reddit post, what else did Dumais take from this experience?

“If I learned one thing from this special picture, it’s that even though art always existed and sometimes we may feel that everything has been done once, it is and always will be limitless and everywhere,” said Dumais.

“I believe that everybody can see the world through creative eyes!”

- Press Association

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