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Wicklow County Council - The Results

By Caroline O’Doherty

The final seat on Wicklow County Council has gone to the Labour Party after a dead-heat between the last two remaining candidates resulted in a two-day recount.

Former TD Anne Ferris was formally declared the winning candidate early on Tuesday evening after gaining one extra vote to put her ahead of first-time Independent and former Fianna Fail member, Malachaí Duddy.

The two candidates in the Bray East local electoral area finished the original ninth count on Sunday night with 1006 votes each but a recheck of ballot papers turned up one extra previously uncounted vote for poll-topper Steven Matthews of the Green Party.

When the transfers were tracked through the revised counts, it was an extra vote from the surplus of Sinn Fein’s Grace McManus that eventually put Ms Ferris ahead in the eighth count.

Overall, the election result in Wicklow was a relieved Fine Gael, a happy Labour Party and a disappointed Sinn Fein and while there were no major upsets, the complexion of the council has changed in significant ways nonetheless.

Fine Gael gained one seat, bringing its total to nine, so at least the party can say its pre-election predictions of securing extra councillors were correct in some areas.

Labour secured two seats which, after the bruising 2014 elections when the party lost all six of its seats, constituted a major success.

The Green Party doubled its representation to two, in keeping with national trends, and the Social Democrats held on to their single seat while Fianna Fail also retained their seven.

Sinn Fein managed two - a long way short of the six they achieved in 2014 although the party has been riven by internal disputes and expelled three councillors in 2017, two of whom have held on to their seats as independents.

But while it is business as usual in that Fine Gael and Fianna Fail continue to dominate local government in the county, it is a younger and more diverse council that will be convening for the first time next month.

Previously, women held just seven of the 32 seats but they now occupy 12, including four in the previously all-male Bray wards and one in the all-male Baltinglass ward.

There are also more young councillors in Grace McManus, 27; Rory O'Connor, 20 and Avril Cronin, 29, and Ms McManus also makes a bit of local history by being the first openly gay public representative on the council.

The breakdown of seats is now: FG 9, FF 7, Green 2, Lab 2, SF 2, SocDem 1, Ind 9.

Wicklow County Council
Fine Gael26%6.37%9
Fianna Fáil22%2.22%7
Sinn Féin8%-8.71%2
Social Democrats5%5.29%1
Green Party5%2.62%2
Arklow 6 Seats
Total Poll:10,356
Spoiled votes:184
Total Valid Poll:10,172
Elected Candidates
Fitzgerald, Pat (FF)Count 1
Kennedy, Pat (FF)Count 1
Annesley, Tommy (FF)Count 7
Bourke, Sylvester (FG)Count 7
Leonard, Peir (Ind)Count 7
Murphy, Miriam (Ind)Count 7
Count 1
Annesley, Tommy (FF)770
Bourke, Sylvester (FG)892
Breen, Tommy (Ind)644
Fitzgerald, Pat (FF)1,854
Hoey, Pat (Ind)251
Kangowa, Chantel (FG)570
Kelly, John (SF)473
Kennedy, Pat (FF)2,471
Leonard, Peir (Ind)1,033
McDonald, Mary (Ind)272
Murphy, Miriam (Ind)942
Baltinglass 6 Seats
Total Poll:10,862
Spoiled votes:218
Total Valid Poll:10,644
Elected Candidates
O'Neill, Gerry (Ind)Count 1
Timmins, Edward (FG)Count 1
Blake, Vincent (FG)Count 2
Glennon, Patsy (FF)Count 2
Cronin, Avril (FG)Count 5
Mullen, John (FF)Count 6
Count 1
Blake, Vincent (FG)1,481
Cronin, Avril (FG)1,172
Glennon, Patsy (FF)1,505
Kinsella, Aidan (SF)777
Mcginn, David (SD)674
Mullen, John (FF)1,086
O'Brien, Lorraine (Ind)252
O'Neill, Gerry (Ind)1,822
Timmins, Edward (FG)1,875
Bray East 4 Seats
Total Poll:6,458
Spoiled votes:137
Total Valid Poll:6,321
Elected Candidates
Matthews, Steven (GP)Count 1
McManus, Grace (SF)Count 7
Ferris, Anne (Lab)Count 9
Flynn Kennedy, Aoife (FG)Count 9
Count 1
Briggs, Sharon (Sol-PBP)393
Duddy, Malachaí (Ind)517
Ferris, Anne (Lab)539
Flynn Kennedy, Aoife (FG)540
Matthews, Steven (GP)1,578
McManus, Grace (SF)975
Moran, Eamonn (SD)267
Murphy, Barry (Ind)295
Thornhill, Brendan (AON)339
Walsh, Chris (FF)445
Whelan, Edward (FG)433
Bray West 4 Seats
Total Poll:6,640
Spoiled votes:128
Total Valid Poll:6,512
Elected Candidates
Behan, Joe (Ind)Count 1
Corrigan, Melanie (FG)Count 1
O'Brien, Dermot (SF)Count 7
O'Connor, Rory (Ind)Count 7
Count 1
Behan, Joe (Ind)1,880
Corrigan, Melanie (FG)1,443
Fogarty, Sárán (FF)350
Maher, June (Sol-PBP)242
Mcgahon, Ian (Lab)512
Miller, David (FG)337
O'Brien, Dermot (SF)911
O'Brien, Oliver (AON)266
O'Connor, Rory (Ind)571
Greystones 6 Seats
Total Poll:9,965
Spoiled votes:158
Total Valid Poll:9,807
Elected Candidates
Whitmore, Jennifer (SD)Count 1
Fortune, Tom (Ind)Count 2
Scott, Lourda (GP)Count 7
Crean, Mags (Ind)Count 8
Mitchell, Derek (FG)Count 8
Walsh, Gerry (FF)Count 8
Count 1
Burke, Anne (Lab)371
Crean, Mags (Ind)803
Fortune, Tom (Ind)1,396
Keddy, Charlie (Ind)190
Lawless, Nicola (SF)427
Ludlow, Pyper (Sol-PBP)176
Mitchell, Derek (FG)1,084
O'Donnell, Alice (FG)1,002
Scott, Lourda (GP)1,120
Walsh, Gerry (FF)1,034
Whitmore, Jennifer (SD)1,920
Willis, Elaine (FF)284
Wicklow 6 Seats
Total Poll:10,945
Spoiled votes:348
Total Valid Poll:10,597
Elected Candidates
Cullen, Shay (FG)Count 1
Snell, John (Ind)Count 1
Dunne, Gail (FF)Count 5
Kavanagh, Mary (Ind)Count 7
O'Brien, Paul (Lab)Count 7
Winters, Irene (FG)Count 7
Count 1
Cullen, Shay (FG)2,287
Dalton, Muireann (SF)661
Dunne, Gail (FF)1,310
Fitzgerald, Daire (Ind)193
Gregory, Anne (FF)815
Kavanagh, Mary (Ind)780
O'Brien, Paul (Lab)1,082
O'Shaughnessy, Jimmy (Ind)460
Snell, John (Ind)1,976
Winters, Irene (FG)1,033

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