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Westmeath County Council - The Results

The outcome in Westmeath was always going to be difficult to call – but not even the sharpest pundits would hardly predicted thearrival into the twenty-seat Council chamber of not one but two Green candidates.

The final shakeup sees nine Fianna Fáil councillors, five Fine Gael, and two apiece for the Green Party and Labour as well as two Independents, one of whom, Jamie Moran, is the 21 year old son of Minister Kevin Boxer Moran.

Early in the day, Green candidate Hazel Smyth spoke bravely of how she had at least paved the way for fture growth – even she was stunned when she learned she was in the running. Party colleague Louise Heavin had to wait for the final count of the entire Westmeath election to have her seat confirimed.

Significant was the elimination of Sinn Féin’s Sorca Clarke – already the party’s nominee for the Longford Westmeath constituency in the next general election. Sorca was Sinn Féin’s sole remaining councillor out of the three the party returned in 2014. The two councillors returned with her in 2014 – Una D’Arcy and Paul Hogan – both resigned from SF and ran as Independents, but failed to retain their seats.

Another councillor who lost his seat was Fianna Fáil’s Brian Crum, who did exceptionally well despite the fact that the boundary changes did not suit him and he could not vote for himself. Also blaming the boundary changes was Independent Michael O’Brien who ran in both the Moate and Athlone LEAs, but failed to retain his seat.

Fine Gael will be disappointed that their candidate Gerry Heery had his route to the chamber thwarted by the Green Party’s success but Fianna Fail was exultant over its success in gaining a seat.

Westmeath County Council
Fine Gael23%-0.64%5
Fianna Fáil36%3.46%9
Sinn Féin6%-5.25%0
Social Democrats1%0.58%0
Green Party3%3.48%2
Athlone 5 Seats
Total Poll:8,656
Spoiled votes:119
Total Valid Poll:8,537
Elected Candidates
Keena , Frankie (FF)Count 1
O'Rourke , Aengus (FF)Count 7
Dolan , John (FG)Count 8
Heavin , Louise (GP)Count 11
Moran , Jamie (Ind)Count 11
Count 1
Coghill , P.J. (Ind)311
Dolan , John (FG)1,273
Geraghty , Imelda (Ind)42
Heavin , Louise (GP)593
Hegarty , Pádraig (SF)522
Hogan , Paul (Ind)455
Jackson , Donal (Ind)32
Keena , Frankie (FF)1,583
Lynam , Fiona (SD)194
McKervey , Noel Peter (AON)196
Moran , Antony (REN)86
Moran , Jamie (Ind)1,028
O'Brien , Michael (Ind)344
O'Rourke , Aengus (FF)1,314
Shaw , Alan (FG)563
Kinnegad 5 Seats
Total Poll:8,389
Spoiled votes:169
Total Valid Poll:8,220
Elected Candidates
McDermott , Frank (FG)Count 4
Hill , Paddy (FF)Count 6
Leonard , Denis (Lab)Count 6
Shaw , John (FF)Count 6
Wallace , Emily (FG)Count 6
Count 1
Behan , Hazel (SF)629
Boyhan , Patrick Joseph (Ind)262
Coyne , Shauna (FF)691
D'Arcy , Úna (Ind)492
Hill , Paddy (FF)1,020
Leonard , Denis (Lab)989
Loftus Dore, Becky (FG)179
McDermott , Frank (FG)1,246
Scally , Lorraine (Lab)582
Shaw , John (FF)1,216
Wallace , Emily (FG)914
Moate 4 Seats
Total Poll:8,643
Spoiled votes:165
Total Valid Poll:8,478
Elected Candidates
Farrell , Thomas (FG)Count 3
McCormack , Vinny (FF)Count 4
McDaniel , Liam (FF)Count 4
Penrose , Johnnie (Lab)Count 4
Count 1
Cabdi Ní Chianáin , Searlait (Ind)180
Clear , Damien (FG)607
Crum , Brian (FF)852
Farrell , Thomas (FG)1,567
Judge , Peter (SF)295
McCormack , Vinny (FF)1,313
McDaniel , Liam (FF)1,329
O'Brien , Michael (Ind)1,073
Penrose , Johnnie (Lab)1,262
Mullingar 6 Seats
Total Poll:8,702
Spoiled votes:200
Total Valid Poll:8,502
Elected Candidates
Dollard , Mick (Ind)Count 1
Glynn , Ken (FF)Count 4
Collentine , William Patrick (FF)Count 10
Davitt , Aoife (FF)Count 10
Duncan , Andrew Joseph (FG)Count 10
Smyth , Hazel (GP)Count 10
Count 1
Burke , Séamus (AON)198
Clarke , Sorca (SF)511
Collentine , William Patrick (FF)862
Davitt , Aoife (FF)886
Dollard , Mick (Ind)1,286
Duncan , Andrew Joseph (FG)788
Glynn , Ken (FF)1,192
Heery , Gerard Joseph (FG)723
Lynam Sweeney, Margaret (Lab)282
Lynch , Sean (Ind)531
McDonnell , Alice (Ind)55
Murtagh , Chris (Ind)253
Scally , Mark (Lab)354
Smyth , Hazel (GP)581

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