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South Dublin County Council - The Results

South Dublin County Council - The Results

South Dublin County Council local elections were notable for the performance of veteran councillor Charlie O’Connor of Fianna Fail who, for the first time in a history of public representation stretching back to 1991, exceeded the quota on the first count.

Mr O’Connor said it was not the first time he had headed the poll in his six-seat local electoral area of Tallaght Central, but it was the first time that he had exceeded the quota on the first count. He was the first councillor returned to South Dublin County Council.

The election was also notable for the election of Baby Pereppadan who suffered racial abuse during the campaign, with some voters in his Tallaght South constituency telling him to “go home” and labelling him a “bloody Pakistani”, even though he is Indian by birth. Mr Pereppadan representing Fine Gael was elected on the eight count.

Paul Nicholas Gogarty a musical performer and former TD for the Dublin Mid-West constituency from 2002 to 2011 caused some minor confusion among count followers as he stood in both the Lucan and Palmerstown – Fonthill local election alrea. Mr Gogarty was elected for Lucan which he has represented since May 2014.

In the Clondalkin Local Electoral Area candidate Eoin O Broin presented something of a conundrum for those who understand the ban on TDs sitting as county councillors, known as the “ban on the dual mandate”. It was repeatedly pointed out by those close to Mr Ó Broin that although he shared the same name as the Sinn Fein TD Eoin Ó Broin, and the same constituency – and that he looks passably like the Dail deputy, they are in fact separate people. Councillor Ó Broin was elected on the sixth count.

For the Labour Party is was a bad election and in South Dublin County Council Pamela Kearns was the first candidate to be elected, late on Sunday night. Ms Kearns was elected to the Rathfarnham –Templeogue local electoral area at about 8pm. Johanna Tuffy was elected for the party just before 9pm representing the Lucan area.

The Social Democrats were disappointed by Rob Hunter losing out by less than 30 votes for the last seat in the five-seat Firhouse-Bohernabreena local electoral area.

At 9pm there remained just four seats to fill. All of these were in the seven-seat Rathfarnham – Templogue electoral area.

South Dublin County Council
Fine Gael17%-0.54%7
Fianna Fáil20%6.24%8
Sinn Féin12%-12.37%6
Social Democrats5%4.94%1
Green Party10%7.46%4
Clondalkin 7 Seats
Total Poll:11,744
Spoiled votes:417
Total Valid Poll:11,327
Elected Candidates
Higgins, Emer (FG)Count 1
Timmons, Francis (Ind)Count 4
O'Brion, Eoin (Ind)Count 6
Carey, William Joseph (SF)Count 7
Gilligan, Trevor (FF)Count 7
Egan, Kenneth (FG)Count 8
Kavanagh, Peter (GP)Count 8
Count 1
Carey, William Joseph (SF)768
Creagh, Kevin (Sol-PBP)597
Dowds, Robert (Lab)956
Egan, Kenneth (FG)920
Gilligan, Trevor (FF)1,011
Higgins, Emer (FG)1,966
Jeeroburkan, Shakeel (Ind)68
Kavanagh, Peter (GP)925
Kinsella Coleman, Lisa (SF)722
Moore, David (I4C)145
O'Brion, Eoin (Ind)1,158
O'Donoghue, Cathal (FF)794
Timmons, Francis (Ind)1,297
Firhouse - Bohernabreena 5 Seats
Total Poll:11,516
Spoiled votes:356
Total Valid Poll:11,160
Elected Candidates
O'Donovan, Deirdre (FF)Count 1
Duffy, Francis Noel (GP)Count 2
Lawlor, Brian (FG)Count 4
Murphy, Emma (FF)Count 6
Edge, Alan (Ind)Count 8
Count 1
Carberry, Aideen (Lab)591
Duffy, Francis Noel (GP)1,823
Edge, Alan (Ind)804
Holland, Sarah (SF)725
Hunter, Rob (SD)637
Lawlor, Brian (FG)1,748
Murphy, Emma (FF)1,550
O'Donovan, Deirdre (FF)2,344
Smith, Becky (FG)379
Spear, Jess (Sol-PBP)559
Lucan 5 Seats
Total Poll:9,730
Spoiled votes:192
Total Valid Poll:9,538
Elected Candidates
Gogarty, Paul Nicholas (Ind)Count 4
O'Toole, Liona (Ind)Count 9
Casserly, Vicki (FG)Count 10
O'Brien, Ed (FF)Count 11
Tuffy, Joanna (Lab)Count 11
Count 1
Brady, Caroline (FG)719
Casserly, Vicki (FG)1,316
Gogarty, Paul Nicholas (Ind)1,509
Hughes, Howard (REN)230
Malik, Anwar (Ind)185
McClean, Catríona (FF)546
McNally, Ann Marie (SD)563
Mulhall, Vanessa (GP)474
Nolan, Ruth (I4C)247
O'Brien, Ed (FF)807
O'Toole, Liona (Ind)1,100
Sweeney, Kellie (Sol-PBP)489
Tuffy, Joanna (Lab)880
Ó Brádaigh, Derren (SF)473
Palmerstown – Fonthill 5 Seats
Total Poll:8,915
Spoiled votes:395
Total Valid Poll:8,520
Elected Candidates
Ward, Mark (SF)Count 1
Hayes, Alan (Ind)Count 11
Johansson, Madeleine (Sol-PBP)Count 11
Moynihan, Shane (FF)Count 11
O'Connell, Gus (Ind)Count 11
Count 1
Dunne, Stephen (Ind)220
Eaton, David (Lab)333
Gardiner, David (WP)227
Gogarty, Paul Nicholas (Ind)596
Graham, Jonathan (FF)562
Hayes, Alan (Ind)980
Jahanzab, Sikandar (Ind)200
Johansson, Madeleine (Sol-PBP)737
Keating, Derek (FG)630
Morrison, David (GP)310
Moynihan, Shane (FF)714
Nolan, Ruth (I4C)300
O'Brien, Danny (SF)387
O'Connell, Gus (Ind)864
Ward, Mark (SF)1,460
Rathfarnham – Templeogue 7 Seats
Total Poll:20,848
Spoiled votes:506
Total Valid Poll:20,342
Elected Candidates
Priestly, William (GP)Count 1
McMahon, Ronan (Ind)Count 4
Kearns, Pamela (Lab)Count 7
Bailey, Carly (SD)Count 9
Collins, Yvonne (FF)Count 9
McManus, David (FG)Count 9
Seery-Kearney, Mary (FG)Count 9
Count 1
Bailey, Carly (SD)1,431
Collins, Yvonne (FF)1,635
Cosgrave, Paddy (Lab)1,174
Flanagan, John (Sol-PBP)341
Foley, Paul (FF)1,735
Kearns, Pamela (Lab)2,220
McCrave, Lynn (FG)626
McMahon, Conor (FG)984
McMahon, Ronan (Ind)2,480
McManus, David (FG)1,342
Nugent, Stephen (Sol-PBP)734
Phelan, John (AON)659
Priestly, William (GP)2,868
Russell, Robert (SF)516
Seery-Kearney, Mary (FG)1,597
Tallaght Central 6 Seats
Total Poll:12,243
Spoiled votes:449
Total Valid Poll:11,794
Elected Candidates
O'Connor, Charlie (FF)Count 1
Duff, Mick (Ind)Count 5
King, Cathal (SF)Count 6
Costello, Teresa (FF)Count 11
Mahon, Kieran (Sol-PBP)Count 11
Sinclair, Liam (GP)Count 11
Count 1
Burke, Declan (FF)532
Condren, Anne Marie (REN)401
Costello, Teresa (FF)810
Duff, Mick (Ind)1,483
Duffy, Teresa (FG)775
King, Cathal (SF)1,260
Macken, Denis (Lab)450
Mahon, Kieran (Sol-PBP)756
McCann, Cora (SF)581
Murphy, Mick (Sol-PBP)695
O'Connor, Charlie (FF)2,018
O'Reilly, Laura (Sol-PBP)396
Ruiz, Sandra (SD)730
Sinclair, Liam (GP)907
Tallaght South 5 Seats
Total Poll:
Spoiled votes:220
Total Valid Poll:5,832
Elected Candidates
Fay, Sandra (Sol-PBP)Count 5
Holohan, Patrick Pearse (SF)Count 6
Dunne, Louise (SF)Count 8
Pereppadan, Baby (FG)Count 8
Richardson, Dermot (SF)Count 8
Count 1
Corr, Marie (SD)519
Dunne, Louise (SF)628
Fay, Sandra (Sol-PBP)643
Hendrick, Emma (Sol-PBP)437
Holohan, Patrick Pearse (SF)872
Kelly, Ray (Ind)246
Leech, Brian (Sol-PBP)445
McEneaney, Suzanne (GP)252
Nolan, Fiona (FF)343
Pereppadan, Baby (FG)733
Richardson, Dermot (SF)714

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