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Monaghan County Council - The Results

Results from all the various electoral areas in this council area will be displayed here.

We will be supplying first count results and listing all those elected and on which count for each electoral area as soon as we have them.

Monaghan County Council
Fine Gael24%-5.23%5
Fianna Fáil25%0.90%4
Sinn Féin34%0.09%6
Social Democrats0%0.00%0
Green Party3%2.11%0
Ballybay-Clones 5 Seats
Total Poll:8,379
Spoiled votes:168
Total Valid Poll:8,211
Elected Candidates
Coyle, Séamus (FF)Count 1
Treanor, Pat (SF)Count 1
Gilliland, Séan (FG)Count 2
Truell, Richard (FG)Count 2
McElvaney, Hughie (Ind)Count 3
Count 1
Coyle, Séamus (FF)2,346
Gilliland, Séan (FG)1,184
McElvaney, Hughie (Ind)1,139
Smyth O'Harte, Rosie (SF)808
Treanor, Pat (SF)1,429
Truell, Richard (FG)1,305
Carrickmacross - Castleblayney 6 Seats
Total Poll:9,785
Spoiled votes:192
Total Valid Poll:9,593
Elected Candidates
Carthy, Colm (SF)Count 1
Keelan, Noel (SF)Count 1
Campbell, Aidan (FG)Count 3
O'Hanlon, P.J. (FF)Count 3
Kerr-Conlon, Mary (FG)Count 7
McCooey, Aoife (FF)Count 7
Count 1
Campbell, Aidan (FG)1,364
Carthy, Colm (SF)1,401
Cassidy, Patrick (FG)411
Connolly, Conan (GP)291
Crowe, Jackie (SF)947
Duffy, James (AON)354
Keelan, Noel (SF)1,376
Kerr-Conlon, Mary (FG)752
McCooey, Aoife (FF)735
McEvoy, Rory Owen (FF)616
O'Hanlon, P.J. (FF)1,346
Monaghan 7 Seats
Total Poll:9,272
Spoiled votes:206
Total Valid Poll:9,066
Elected Candidates
Bennett, Cathy (SF)Count 1
Treanor, Seamus (Ind)Count 1
Aughey, Raymond (FF)Count 6
McKenna, Brian (SF)Count 10
Conlon, Seán (SF)Count 11
Connolly, Paudge (Ind)Count 11
Maxwell, David (FG)Count 11
Count 1
Aughey, Raymond (FF)1,091
Bennett, Cathy (SF)1,291
Brennan, Emer (FF)475
Callaghan, Mícheál (GP)385
Conlon, Seán (SF)679
Connolly, Paudge (Ind)734
Flynn, Barra (FG)435
Grenham, Paddy (Ind)40
Hagan, Thomas (Ind)185
Maxwell, David (FG)851
McCaffrey Jones, Fiona (FG)266
McGlone, Alvin (Ind)153
McKenna, Brian (SF)898
Mee, James (Ind)22
Moen, Catriona (SF)409
Treanor, Seamus (Ind)1,152

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