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Meath County Council - The Results

A complete re-check of all papers involved in the first count in the Trim electoral area is underway at the count centre for the Meath local elections, writes Louise Walsh

Outgoing Fine Gael Cllr Noel French was deemed elected with 3052 votes - almost double the quota of 1551.

However it was noticed that 97 ballot papers in his pile were that of fellow running mate Cllr Joe Fox who would've been elected on the first count if the discrepancy had not occurred.

It's understood that Cllr Fox would've been elected anyway but surplus votes would've had a knock on effect down the line on other candidates.

In a statement Meath Co. Council says: "Arising from Noel French's surplus, it has been found that 97 ballot papers should have been allocated to Joe Fox and not Noel French.

"This would have the effect of Joe Fox exceeding the quota in the first count and deeming him to be elected with a surplus.

"In light of the potential knock-on effects, further down the count, it has been decided to undertake a complete re-check of all the papers involved in the first count and this is now proceeding in the interest of accuracy and transparency."

Meanwhile, twelve outgoing councillors have been re-elected onto Meath Co. Council at the end of the first local election counts across six municipal areas in the county.

Five Fine Gael, four Independents and three Fianna Fail councillor make up three-tenths of the new council as counting continues at the Simonstown GAA Centre in Navan.

To date Fine Gael Cllr Noel French topped the poll in the Trim area while party colleagues Paddy Meade and Sharon Tolan have been elected in the Laytown/Bettystown area.

Fine Gael have also held onto their seats in Kells with Sarah Reilly and Alan Tobin in Ashbourne.

Of the Independents elected so far, two are in Ratoath with Brian Fitzgerald and former Fine Gael Cllr Gillian Toole who left the party just over two months ago.

Independent Sharon Keogan has retained her seat in the Laytown/Bettystown electoral area while Donegal native Joe Bonner topped the poll in Ashbourne as a non-party member

Fianna Fail has three seats going into the second count with poll toppers, outgoing Cllr Tommy Reilly in Navan, Cllr Damien O'Reilly in Ratoath and Sean Drew in Kells.

There is likely to be another Fine Gael added to those elected in the first count as a re-check of papers continues in Trim. The recheck occurred after it was noticed that 97 ballot papers belonging to Cllr Joe Fox had been mistakenly placed with Cllr Noel French.

These papers would put Cllr Joe Fox over the quota in the first count.

It's highly likely now looking ahead that Sinn Fein could lose up to six of their eight seats across the county while current cathaoirleach of Meath Co. Council Tom Kelly looks also to be struggling in his Laytown/Bettystown constituency.

Meath County Council
Fine Gael30%6.77%12
Fianna Fáil25%-2.40%12
Sinn Féin10%-8.32%3
Social Democrats2%2.21%1
Green Party1%0.63%0
Ashbourne 6 Seats
Total Poll:10,215
Spoiled votes:196
Total Valid Poll:10,019
Elected Candidates
Bonner, Joe (Ind)Count 1
Tobin, Alan (FG)Count 1
Jamal, Suzanne (FG)Count 6
Keogan, Sharon (Ind)Count 8
O'Rourke, Darren (SF)Count 9
Tormey, Conor (FF)Count 9
Count 1
Bonner, Joe (Ind)2,170
Jamal, Suzanne (FG)1,175
Keogan, Sharon (Ind)1,180
Mellor, Lisa (FF)721
Nolan, Paul (SD)401
O'Neill, Aisling (SF)311
O'Rourke, Darren (SF)501
Reilly, Sarah-Jane (FF)266
Stillman, John (FG)389
Tobin, Alan (FG)1,565
Tormey, Conor (FF)817
Tuite, Joseph (AON)523
Kells 7 Seats
Total Poll:14,447
Spoiled votes:250
Total Valid Poll:14,197
Elected Candidates
Drew, Seán (FF)Count 1
Reilly, Sarah (FG)Count 1
Guirke, Johnny (SF)Count 6
Bray, Mike (FF)Count 8
Cassidy, Eugene (FG)Count 8
Gilroy, David (Ind)Count 8
McCabe, Paul (FF)Count 8
Count 1
Bray, Mike (FF)1,020
Byrne, Aaron (Lab)380
Cassidy, Eugene (FG)1,413
Devin, Peter (AON)572
Drew, Seán (FF)1,996
Farrelly, Peter (FG)970
Fox, Oliver (FF)698
Gallagher, Michael (SF)997
Gilroy, David (Ind)1,118
Guirke, Johnny (SF)1,678
McCabe, Paul (FF)1,059
McDonagh, Séamus (WP)330
Reilly, Sarah (FG)1,966
Laytown-Bettystown 7 Seats
Total Poll:11,653
Spoiled votes:201
Total Valid Poll:11,452
Elected Candidates
Keogan, Sharon (Ind)Count 1
Meade, Paddy (FG)Count 1
Tolan, Sharon (FG)Count 1
Hoey, Annie (Lab)Count 9
Behan, Tom (FF)Count 11
Harding, Wayne (FF)Count 11
McKee, Stephen (FF)Count 11
Count 1
Behan, Tom (FF)861
Connor, Anthony (DDI)241
Corr, Rob (SD)165
Ferguson, Eimear (SF)576
Harding, Wayne (FF)1,196
Hoey, Annie (Lab)1,093
Kelly, Tom (Ind)275
Keogan, Sharon (Ind)2,039
Lacey, William (Sol-PBP)164
McKee, Stephen (FF)1,023
Meade, Paddy (FG)1,455
O'Byrne, Fergal (SF)162
Smith, Patrick (Ind)51
Tolan, Sharon (FG)1,774
Whelan, Peter (AON)377
Navan 7 Seats
Total Poll:10,592
Spoiled votes:195
Total Valid Poll:10,397
Elected Candidates
Reilly, Tommy (FF)Count 1
Tóibín, Emer (AON)Count 2
Deane, Francis (Ind)Count 7
Fennessy, Eddie (SF)Count 9
Adenuga, Yemi (FG)Count 11
Fitzsimons, Padraig (FF)Count 11
Lawes, Alan (Ind)Count 11
Count 1
Adenuga, Yemi (FG)640
Ball, Stephen (Ind)232
Burke, Sinéad (SF)562
Byrne, Karen (FG)268
Deane, Francis (Ind)1,155
Fennessy, Eddie (SF)989
Fitzsimons, Padraig (FF)979
Forde, Wayne (Ind)318
Kelly, Ross (FG)551
Lawes, Alan (Ind)911
McGrath, Amy (SD)158
McHugh, Jenny (FF)227
McMenamin, Séamus (GP)614
Reilly, Tommy (FF)1,330
Thornton, Madeleine (FF)177
Tóibín, Emer (AON)1,286
Ratoath 7 Seats
Total Poll:12,765
Spoiled votes:221
Total Valid Poll:12,544
Elected Candidates
Fitzgerald, Brian (Ind)Count 1
O'Reilly, Damien (FF)Count 1
Toole, Gillian (Ind)Count 1
Killian, Nick (Ind)Count 2
Murphy, Maria (FG)Count 6
Geraghty-Smith, Deirdre (FF)Count 7
O'Connor, Gerry (FG)Count 7
Count 1
Fitzgerald, Brian (Ind)1,810
Flanagan, Bee (FG)442
Geraghty-Smith, Deirdre (FF)579
Henry, Seán (Ind)688
Killian, Nick (Ind)1,549
Murphy, Maria (FG)1,164
O'Connor, Gerry (FG)1,224
O'Reilly, Damien (FF)2,198
O'Riordan, Fergus (Ind)481
Toole, Gillian (Ind)1,972
Uí Ruairc, Maria (SF)437
Trim 6 Seats
Total Poll:11,072
Spoiled votes:222
Total Valid Poll:10,850
Elected Candidates
Fox, Joe (FG)Count 1
French, Noel (FG)Count 1
Dempsey, Aisling (FF)Count 4
Golden, Trevor (Ind)Count 6
Moore, Ronan (SD)Count 6
Souhan, Niamh (FG)Count 6
Count 1
Dempsey, Aisling (FF)1,112
Doran, Des (AON)603
Fox, Joe (FG)1,570
French, Noel (FG)2,954
Geraghty, Sinéad (FF)431
Golden, Trevor (Ind)603
Kelly, Vera (FF)870
Lynch, Caroline (SF)632
McElhinney, Tracy (Lab)237
Moore, Ronan (SD)809
Souhan, Niamh (FG)1,029

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