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Mayo County Council - The Results

By Majella Loftus and Keith Bourke

All four candidates have now been elected in the Westport Municipal Area in the 2019 local elections for Mayo County Council. 11 candidates contested the election in the area, vying for four seats. The quota was 1,694 votes, from a valid poll of 8,466.

Christy Hyland, an Independent candidate topped the poll receiving 1,442 first preference votes. He would be elected on the fifth count with a total of 1,711 votes.

Peter Flynn of Fine Gael was elected on the sixth count. He received 1,250 first preference votes. Flynn received a massive boost of 496 votes transferred from Teresa McGuire, who was eliminated following the fifth count. He ended up with 2,015 votes in total.

Both Brendan Mulroy and Johno O'Malley were elected on the seventh and final count. Mulroy had received 1,191 first preference votes and made his way slowly but surely to the finish line. He fell shy of the quota, with 1,686, but it did not matter as there was three candidates left vying for two seats at this point.

The race for the fourth seat was the story of the Westport count. Johno O'Malley looked relatively safe but following the transfer of Austin Francis O'Malley's vote, Chris Maxwell raced into lead, gaining 362 votes. Just eight votes separated the pair coming into the seventh count with Maxwell on 1,396 votes to Johno's 1,388.

The transfers from Flynn's surplus fell in Johno's favour and he was elected with 1,520 votes, beating out Maxwell's 1,452.

Independent sitting councillor Michael Kilcoyne and Fianna Fail's Blackie Gavin have both been elected to Castlebar Municipal Authority on the first count.

Cllr Kilcoyne once again topped the poll in the town with 2,598 first preferences out of a total poll of 13,897.

The outgoing cathaoirleach of the authority, Cllr Gavin also celebrated reaching the quota on the first count with 1,778 votes. Cllr Kilcoyne's total surplus votes of 867 will now be distributed among the remaining 15 candidates.

Also in Swinford, Michael Smyth of Fianna Fail was elected on the second count after receiving 46 transfer votes from Sinn Fein's Gerry Murray bringing him to a total of 1,677, helping him past the quote.

It was a nerve jangling finale to the six-seat Ballina electoral area in the Mayo County Council local elections.

Outgoing Fine Gael councillor Jarlath Munnelly held on to his seat at the death last night seeing off the challenge of Eamon Moore (FF). Munnelly won out by just 74 votes as transfers fell his way.

Fine Gael's John O'Hara topped the poll with 2,123 first preference votes. Independent Mark Duffy also made it over the line on the first count when he surpassed the 1,753 quota with 2,095 votes. Duffy was one of the revelations of the Mayo County elections tapping into a younger electorate and sweeping up

Fianna Fail councillor Annie May Reape took the seat. Her party colleague Michael Loftus exceeded the quota on the eighth count with the remaining two seats also determined.

Independent Cllr Seamus Weir received a healthy dose of transfers throughout the count and finished fifth with Munnelly following.

Results from all the various electoral areas in this council area will be displayed here.

We will be supplying first count results and listing all those elected and on which count for each electoral area as soon as we have them.

Mayo County Council
Fine Gael37%2.76%
Fianna Fáil30%0.64%
Sinn Féin7%-2.96%
Social Democrats0%0.29%
Green Party1%0.62%
Ballina 6 Seats
Total Poll:12,454
Spoiled votes:185
Total Valid Poll:12,269
Elected Candidates
Duffy, Mark (Ind)Count 1
O'Hara, John (FG)Count 1
Reape, Annie May (FF)Count 7
Loftus, Michael (FF)Count 8
Munnelly, Jarlath (FG)Count 8
Weir, Seamus (Ind)Count 8
Count 1
Duffy, Mark (Ind)2,097
Gill, Kieran (FG)718
Horkan, Aileen (FG)569
Loftus, Michael (FF)1,320
Moore, Eamon (FF)1,105
Munnelly, Jarlath (FG)951
Nolan, Willie (Ind)388
O'Hara, John (FG)2,129
Reape, Annie May (FF)1,360
Regan, Michael (SF)279
Smith, Tracey (SD)185
Weir, Seamus (Ind)1,168
Belmullet 3 Seats
Total Poll:7,200
Spoiled votes:123
Total Valid Poll:7,077
Elected Candidates
Coyle, Gerry (FG)Count 1
Carey, Seán (FF)Count 2
McNamara, Paul (FF)Count 2
Count 1
Carey, Seán (FF)1,604
Coyle, Gerry (FG)1,806
Grealis, Breege (FG)655
Heneghan, Jay (Ind)224
McNamara, Paul (FF)1,696
Whelan, Teresa (SF)1,092
Castlebar 7 Seats
Total Poll:14,019
Spoiled votes:172
Total Valid Poll:13,847
Elected Candidates
Gavin, Blackie K. (FF)Count 1
Kilcoyne, Michael (Ind)Count 1
McDonnell, Al (FF)Count 8
Deere, Ger (FG)Count 12
Burke, Cyril (FG)Count 13
McLoughlin, Martin (FF)Count 13
Sheridan, Donna (FG)Count 13
Count 1
Barrett, Harry (Ind)620
Burke, Cyril (FG)1,192
Crowley, Aidan (Ind)176
Daly, Joe (Sol-PBP)437
Deere, Ger (FG)1,278
Farrington, Michael (REN)315
Gavin, Blackie K. (FF)1,779
Kamal, Uddin (Lab)143
Kilcoyne, Michael (Ind)2,598
Loftus, Gerry (Ind)552
McCormack, Eugene (FG)725
McDonnell, Al (FF)1,519
McHale, Joe (SF)602
McLoughlin, Martin (FF)911
Sheridan, Donna (FG)804
Vesey, Anthony (Ind)54
Walsh, Des (Ind)142
Claremorris 6 Seats
Total Poll:13,218
Spoiled votes:165
Total Valid Poll:13,053
Elected Candidates
O'Brien, Patsy (FG)Count 1
Finn, Richard (Ind)Count 2
Ryan, Damien (FF)Count 2
Burke, Michael (FG)Count 6
Connolly, Tom (FG)Count 6
Cribbin, John (FG)Count 6
Count 1
Burke, Michael (FG)1,413
Carty, Michael (FF)932
Connolly, Tom (FG)1,206
Cribbin, John (FG)1,497
Finn, Richard (Ind)1,774
Lawless, Paul (AON)677
O'Brien, Patsy (FG)2,955
Ryan, Damien (FF)1,572
Sheehan, Margaret (Mags) (GP)263
Warde, Natasha (SF)764
Swinford 4 Seats
Total Poll:8,297
Spoiled votes:129
Total Valid Poll:8,168
Elected Candidates
Murray, Gerry (SF)Count 1
Smyth, Michael (FF)Count 2
Caulfield, John (FF)Count 3
Cruise, Neil (FG)Count 3
Count 1
Caulfield, John (FF)1,296
Cruise, Neil (FG)1,511
Forkin, Sean (Ind)62
Horan, Tommy (AON)642
Lavin, Tom (FG)1,130
Murray, Gerry (SF)1,896
Smyth, Michael (FF)1,631
Westport 4 Seats
Total Poll:8,603
Spoiled votes:137
Total Valid Poll:8,466
Elected Candidates
Hyland, Christy (Ind)Count 5
Flynn, Peter (FG)Count 6
Mulroy, Brendan (FF)Count 7
O'Malley, John (Johno) (Ind)Count 7
Count 1
Fitzgerald, Shane (Ind)115
Flynn, Peter (FG)1,250
Hyland, Christy (Ind)1,442
Maxwell, Chris (FF)899
McAlonan, Frank (Ind)82
McGee, Darragh (Ind)530
McGuire, Teresa (FG)803
Mulroy, Brendan (FF)1,191
Nayiga, Cissy (GP)365
O'Malley, Austin Francis (FG)830
O'Malley, John (Johno) (Ind)959

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