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Louth County Council - The Results

By Martin Wall

Labour senator Ged Nash said a red wave and not a green wave had washed over Co Louth.

However, it was Fianna Fáil that was the biggest winner in the local elections in the county.

Fianna Fáil secured five seats in 2014 but the party has now increased this to seven in 2019.

This includes three seats out of six in Dundalk-Carlingford which were taken by Erin McGreehan, Sean Kelly and Conor Keelan.

Fianna Fail in Dundalk Carlingford picked up a seat previously held by the Green Party which contrary to the trend elsewhere across the country lost out.

For Sinn Fein the local election results were a disappointment with the party losing three seats in Louth including in Drogheda and Dundalk.

Former Sinn Fein leader and local TD Gerry Adams said there had been some local factors and vote management issues at play.

He said the party found it hard to consolidate the gains it had made in the last local elections.

He said the party would learn the lessons from the results of the 2019 local elections.

Fine Gael in 2014 won seven seats in the local elections although one its councillors subsequently left the party to run as an independent.

Kevin Callan achieved the remarkable feat of winning seats in two electoral areas in Drogheda. He now has three days to chose which of these areas to represent and can suggest a person to hold the seat in the other electoral area. However the full council will make the final decision.

Overall, Fine Gael lost one seat in Louth in the local elections.

Senator Nash said the Labour’s party had achieved its best ever successes in local authority elections in the county.

Labour secured two seats in Drogheda Urban with both Paul Bell and Pio Smith pilling strongly and being elected on the first and second counts respectively.

Labour was delighted with the performance of Michelle Hall who only joined the party last year and who took a seat in Drogheda Rural

Louth County Council
Fine Gael20%-0.56%5
Fianna Fáil20%0.48%7
Sinn Féin24%-7.32%7
Social Democrats0%0.00%0
Green Party6%2.54%1
Ardee 6 Seats
Total Poll:9,467
Spoiled votes:281
Total Valid Poll:9,186
Elected Candidates
Markey, Colm (FG)Count 1
Minogue, Dolores (FG)Count 1
McGeough, Pearse (SF)Count 7
Tenanty, Jim (Ind)Count 7
Conlon, Hugh D. (Ind)Count 9
Sheridan, John (FF)Count 9
Count 1
Byrne, Albert D. (Ind)190
Carroll, Kevin (Ind)420
Conlon, Hugh D. (Ind)767
Connolly, Seán (GP)509
Malone, Fintan (FF)649
Markey, Colm (FG)1,388
McCoy, Finnan (FG)406
McGeough, Pearse (SF)1,007
McKenna, Brendan (SF)492
Minogue, Dolores (FG)1,404
Murray, Enda (Ind)129
Sheridan, John (FF)870
Tenanty, Jim (Ind)955
Drogheda Urban 6 Seats
Total Poll:8,996
Spoiled votes:241
Total Valid Poll:8,755
Elected Candidates
Bell, Paul (Lab)Count 1
Smith, Pio (Lab)Count 2
Byrne, Joanna (SF)Count 8
McQuillan, Paddy (Ind)Count 9
Byrne, James (FF)Count 11
Callan, Kevin (Ind)Count 11
Count 1
Bell, Paul (Lab)1,292
Byrne, James (FF)797
Byrne, Joanna (SF)923
Callan, Kevin (Ind)897
Culhane, Richie (FG)581
Faulkner, Christopher (DDI)97
Flood, Kenneth (SF)261
Godfrey, Frank (Ind)518
MacDonald, Angus (Sol-PBP)101
McCabe, Maria (REN)104
McQuillan, Paddy (Ind)769
Moore, Anthony (FF)506
O'Dowd, Michael (REN)302
Rudd, Jeffrey (UP)83
Saurin, David (SF)279
Smith, Pio (Lab)1,245
Drogheda Rural 4 Seats
Total Poll:5,931
Spoiled votes:123
Total Valid Poll:5,808
Elected Candidates
Tully, Oliver (FG)Count 5
Callan, Kevin (Ind)Count 6
Cunningham, Tom (SF)Count 7
Hall, Michelle (Lab)Count 7
Count 1
Callan, Kevin (Ind)896
Cooney, Richard (FF)477
Cunningham, Tom (SF)663
Godfrey, Frank (Ind)317
Greene, Patrick (DDI)45
Hall, Michelle (Lab)964
Power, Declan (FF)259
Rudd, Jeffrey (UP)51
Saurin, Leanne (SF)603
Sweeney, Eamon (REN)568
Tully, Oliver (FG)965
Dundalk - Carlingford 6 Seats
Total Poll:9,738
Spoiled votes:254
Total Valid Poll:9,484
Elected Candidates
McGahon, John (FG)Count 1
Watters, Antóin (SF)Count 1
Corrigan, Edel (SF)Count 3
McGreehan, Erin (FF)Count 5
Keelan, Conor (FF)Count 6
Kelly, Seán (FF)Count 6
Count 1
Corrigan, Edel (SF)931
Daly, Eoin (GP)823
Duffy, Roisin (FG)809
Garvey, Eugene (SF)767
Keelan, Conor (FF)1,011
Kelly, Seán (FF)1,072
McGahon, John (FG)1,357
McGreehan, Erin (FF)1,151
Watters, Antóin (SF)1,563
Dundalk South 7 Seats
Total Poll:11,224
Spoiled votes:267
Total Valid Poll:10,957
Elected Candidates
Butler, Marianne (GP)Count 1
Ó Murchú, Ruairí (SF)Count 1
Yore, Maeve (Ind)Count 1
Doyle, Maria (FG)Count 2
Sharkey, Tomás (SF)Count 8
Coffey, Emma (FF)Count 9
Reilly, Liam (FF)Count 9
Count 1
Boyle, Niamh (REN)489
Butler, Marianne (GP)1,497
Campbell, Anne (SF)603
Coffey, Emma (FF)750
Doyle, Maria (FG)1,346
English, Linus (FG)635
Morgan, Oliver (Ind)295
Reilly, Liam (FF)1,082
Sharkey, Tomás (SF)1,136
Yore, Maeve (Ind)1,701
Ó Murchú, Ruairí (SF)1,423

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