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Longford County Council - The Results

Results from all the various electoral areas in this council area will be displayed here.

We will be supplying first count results and listing all those elected and on which count for each electoral area as soon as we have them.

Longford County Council
Fine Gael39%-2.80%9
Fianna Fáil32%0.50%6
Sinn Féin5%-1.98%0
Social Democrats0%0.00%0
Green Party0%0.00%0
Ballymahon 6 Seats
Total Poll:6,732
Spoiled votes:94
Total Valid Poll:6,638
Elected Candidates
Casey, Mark (Ind)Count 1
Ross, Paul (FG)Count 1
Cahill, Mick (FF)Count 9
Farrell, Gerard (FG)Count 9
Murray, Colm (FG)Count 9
O'Toole, Pat (FF)Count 9
Count 1
Cahill, Mick (FF)747
Casey, Mark (Ind)995
Duffy, Brigid (FF)501
Farrell, Gerard (FG)622
Kenny, John (FF)419
McMonagle, Charlie (Ind)181
Moran, Tony (Ind)325
Murray, Colm (FG)633
O'Toole, Pat (FF)669
Ross, Paul (FG)1,217
Ryan, Geraldine (SF)196
Walsh, P.J. (Ind)133
Granard 5 Seats
Total Poll:6,697
Spoiled votes:104
Total Valid Poll:6,593
Elected Candidates
Carrigy, Micheál (FG)Count 1
McGovern, Turlough Pott (Ind)Count 1
Brady, Paraic (FG)Count 7
Murtagh, Garry (FG)Count 9
Reilly, P.J. (FF)Count 9
Count 1
Brady, Paraic (FG)867
Carrigy, Micheál (FG)1,183
Connell, Victor (FF)266
Duffy, Amanda (FF)298
Kearney, Grace (Ind)291
Kilbride, Frank (FG)280
Maguire, Mark (SF)360
McGovern, Turlough Pott (Ind)1,280
Murphy, Joe (FF)390
Murtagh, Garry (FG)730
Reilly, P.J. (FF)648
Longford 7 Seats
Total Poll:6,813
Spoiled votes:112
Total Valid Poll:6,701
Elected Candidates
Flaherty, Joe (FF)Count 1
Nolan, Peggy (FG)Count 8
Browne, John (FG)Count 9
Butler, Seamus (FF)Count 9
Hagan, Gerry (FG)Count 9
Monaghan, Martin (FF)Count 9
Warnock, Gerry (Ind)Count 9
Count 1
Adejinmi, Uruemu (FF)248
Breaden, George (Ind)14
Browne, John (FG)692
Butler, Seamus (FF)656
Cooney, Gerard (FG)133
Flaherty, Joe (FF)1,053
Gallagher, Seamus (Ind)156
Hagan, Gerry (FG)730
Keown, Tena (SF)356
Monaghan, Martin (FF)576
Nolan, Peggy (FG)741
O'Reilly, Julie (Ind)28
Reilly, Tony (Ind)89
Sexton, Mae (Ind)474
Smyth, Barbara (Sol-PBP)96
Warnock, Gerry (Ind)659

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